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Pregnant During COVID-19

The past few months have been filled with worry, concern, and anxiety. Social distancing, stay at home orders, working from home, unemployment, the economy… The ongoing list of everything we’re concerned about are in the news and at the forefront of our minds. 

If you’re expecting a baby, you likely have even more concerns. Should I stay at home? Is it safe for me to go to work? How will I keep my baby safe and healthy? Should I switch to a midwife and deliver at a birth center? We want to help answer some of your questions and alleviate some of your concerns and fears with information in our Pandemic Pregnancy Blog Series coming to you over the next week.  

Part Three: Should I Change My Birthplace

Many women are wondering whether birthing in the hospital is the best option for them right now. They are concerned about exposure to the virus, policies that limit the number of people they can have with them, etc. 

During this time, you need to decide what is most important to you and what is best for you, your baby, and family. If you’re interested in looking at your options for an out-of-hospital birth, do your research! Look into what your options are. Ask local doulas and childbirth educators for recommendations. They have likely worked in a variety of setting with many of the midwives in your area and they can help you find someone that will best suit your needs. Set up times to tour birth centers and interview midwives. They all usually offer free interviews.

home birth during covid-19 pandemic

Here are some questions you can ask as you find the right provider and birthplace for you.

  • What is your philosophy of birth? 
  • What will my prenatal care look like?
  • Will I see one midwife or many?
  • Do I choose my midwife that will attend my birth or is there a rotating on-call schedule? 
  • When do you recommend I come to the birth center in labor or when will you come to my home in labor?
  • Do you have a plan in place if I need to transfer or there is an emergency? What is it? 
  • Do you have medications for a postpartum hemorrhage? 
  • How long do we stay at the birth center postpartum?
  • What postpartum care do you offer? 
  • How are you serving your clients during the pandemic? 
  • Will my prenatal visits be done in person or virtually? 
  • Is there a limit on how many people are present at my birth? 

A variety of sources site the safety of home birth and birth centers. Make the decision that is best for you and choose the birth location you are most comfortable in. 

We also have a class designed specifically for those planning a give birth at home or a birth center.

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