Classes are taught by Donna Ryan and Hailie Wolfe, morning-talk-show style; interesting, entertaining, and educational! They are as close to a live class, as possible, from the comfort of your living room.


With the unmedicated birth of her second baby in 1999, Donna was transformed! Giving birth naturally began a journey and desire to help other women have empowering births. Since 2003, she has had the honor of working with and teaching hundreds of couples through childbirth education classes. She has given birth to four beautiful babies in a variety of settings, with three types of care providers and in four different positions!




Hailie is a small-town Texas girl who happens to love all things pregnancy and birth. Her own births ignited a strong desire to support families through their incredible birth journeys. She became a certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor in 2013 and has been teaching consecutive classes the majority of the time since. She started working as a doula shortly after, and when the Birth Boot Camp Doula program was launched in 2014, she attended the first training offered by the company. She has also worked as a doula trainer for the company since 2017, and has been heavily involved with the development of our doula training curriculum. We truly make it a priority to constantly evolve in order to offer the best doula training available in the country.

Watch our introductory video to see if our online classes are right for you.

We are available to answer your questions. The classes were created to be as close to a live class, as possible. If you do have a question that is not answered in the class and/or materials, please do not hesitate to email us. Our contact information is found on the website. The Birth Boot Camp team is here to support you on this amazing journey!