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Is an online childbirth class right for you?

Is An Online Birth Class Right For You?

There are perks to living in this era. You can have groceries delivered to your doorstep. Getting a ride in a strange city as easy as clicking an app on your phone. Creative ways to make life more convenient abound.

Having the things you need shouldn’t just be limited to groceries and cars. We believe that one of the key aspects of preparing for an amazing birth is childbirth education. But when so many work long hours, have opposite schedules, and limited time, attending an in-person class can be more than difficult: it can be impossible.

Online childbirth classes give you the preparation you need for birth on your schedule.  

Here are some ways to know if an online birth class is right for you.

Unpredictable Schedules

If you and your partner want to attend your childbirth education classes together, but you work opposite schedules, online classes may be a good fit.

Is An Online Childbirth Class Right For You?

We have found that many couples travel for work, have rotating schedules, or work on-call, so an in-person class that meets regularly the same night and time for several weeks in a row, simply won’t happen.

Online birth classes give you the ability to fit classes in together on your time. Even if that is 9 am on a Saturday, Tuesday at 8 pm, or Friday at 11 pm, you can make your classes work for you, not the other way around.

Deployment or Travel

One impetus behind the development of Birth Boot Camp online birth classes was our work with countless couples that were in the military and had one member of their family deployed for part or all of the pregnancy.

We knew these couples wanted and deserved childbirth education, but it was literally impossible for them to attend together.

This isn’t just good news for military members though, it’s ideal for any couple in which one or both of them travel regularly and they can’t attend classes together.

Older Children

While we highly encourage a weekly “date night” for our couples with older children to focus on their new baby, sometimes finding childcare can be an issue. With the online birth class option, you have the ability to take your classes even when your children are at home.

Is An Online Childbirth Class Right For You?

This can ease stress, reduce babysitting money, and make life simpler for busy families with older children. They can even be a part of some of your classes!

Short on Time

If you are wanting a comprehensive birth class but don’t realize the need until the end of your pregnancy, online birth classes may be your best bet.

Our comprehensive birth class option is 10 sessions and truly is everything you need to know to prepare for an amazing birth. Just because you are short on time, doesn’t mean you can’t fit in the education you need. Online birth classes make this wish a reality. No need to scramble, we can help you fit it in.


One big reason couples love in-person birth classes is the community they are able to build with their fellow students and local instructor. We love this aspect of our in-person classes and trust that you are always in good hands with our childbirth educators.

Is An Online Childbirth Class Right For You?

Some couples, however, prefer something different and more intimate. An online birth class can fill the need for education and allow you to learn in the privacy of your home. This gives you the ability to pause the video, talk, and figure things out as they come up so you and your partner can prepare for your best birth together in your environment.


One word we live by at Birth Boot Camp is “options.” We want you to have the option to choose what specific birth class fits your needs. We also want you to have the option of both in-person or online childbirth education.

Preparing for a baby is much like birthing a baby in that everyone has a slightly different path on this very common journey. We hope you can find the path that fits perfectly into your lifestyle and your needs.

We are excited to join you on your path to an amazing birth, no matter what path you choose.

Welcome to Birth Boot Camp!

You can sign up for an online birth class here.

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