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November, 2015 Birth Boot Camp DOULA Training

We are excited to introduce another group of Birth Boot Camp DOULAS! These incredible women are dedicated to helping you and your partner have the best birth experience possible. With a focus on relational support, mad comfort measure skills, and a professionalism that is unparallelled, you will love these women!

A Great Doula Training Begins With Great Doula Trainers

Our doula trainers are doula professionals, handpicked by Birth Boot Camp Headquarters to bring you the best training possible. We love our doula trainers!

meet our birth boot camp doula trainers

Doula Basics- Relational Support

One of the first things our doulas learn about is how to make a true connection with their clients so they can support their unique birth by really knowing them and their needs. This sets them apart and makes Birth Boot Camp DOULAS a best friend for your birth, not just a good back massage companion.

Birth Boot Camp DOULAS are also equipped and trained to bring two fabulous prenatal visits and one postpartum visit to all their clients. These visits help cement the doula/client relationship and prepare you for a supported birth.

Advanced Doula Techniques

Our doulas learn your basic doula skills and comfort measures like hip squeezes and scalp massage,  but they also learn some powerful advanced doula techniques. This helps make our doulas a needed addition to your birth team. 

Birth Boot Camp DOULA training, Nov, 2015

Birth Scarf Basics

One of a doula’s most powerful tools is the birth scarf (often referred to as a rebozo). Birth Boot Camp DOULA training covers some basic birth scarf techniques that not only soothe a birthing woman, but can help her feel safe and secure throughout her labor and birth.

Doula skills for the win. Birth scarf for a better birth.

November, 2015, Birth Boot Camp DOULA training

Advanced Lactation Training

We are privileged to offer lactation training for our doulas from Mellanie Sheppard. Mellanie, an IBCLC and longtime lactation consultant in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is a wonderful source of knowledge. Our doulas don’t need to seek and pay for additional lactation training on their own, they receive it as part of their training. Plus, Mellanie truly loves what she does and loves sharing her knowledge with our doulas because she knows that they are often the first contact and help a birthing mom has in the early days of breastfeeding.

The skills our doulas have regarding early lactation are a must!

What Trainees Say

We solicit feedback from all of our trainees so that we can constantly improve doula training. Our program isn’t static. It is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our trainees. Responses on our evaluation form are usually  anonymous, thus the lack of names.

“I loved learning about how to support women through your heart, hands, and mind. She needs to feel loved and supported and you can have a tremendous impact on her having an amazing birth by using your skills to be the best doula ever.”

“My favorite part of training was the confidence I received to back up the wealth of knowledge I received.”

“I loved the welcoming feeling right off the bat. The actual training was awesome and I learned so much. I’m thankful for each person in the group and the support they gave! Also the laughs were awesome.”

“I love Supporting Arms and other marketing materials. I feel like I have a ready-made business with documents much better than I was trying to make on my own.”

Join Us!

Birth Boot Camp DOULA training truly is incredible, and so our our doulas. One thing we know for sure is that our doulas (and childbirth educators) are the strength of this company. We love them! They are out there helping more and more couples have amazing births.

We would love to have you join us to become an amazing doula. Or, if you are looking for a doula for your own birth, you can find a Birth Boot Camp DOULA here.