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new orleans doula training highlights

New Orleans Doula Training Highlights!

We are so pleased to share the success of our most recent Birth Boot Camp DOULA training in New Orleans, LA. It may have been our best workshop yet! Training was led by our Lead Doula Trainer, Alexa Gumm, and our doula Certification Coordinator, Hailie Wolfe, pictured here. 

New Orleans Doula Training Highlights

In addition to our many trainees, BBCD Founder, Donna Ryan could not resist the trip to NOLA, the amazing city where she and her husband honeymooned many years (and babies) ago! It was so good for some our Headquarters team to spend time together and with our newest doulas.

New Orleans Doula Training Highlights

The location for doula training was, simply put, gorgeous.

Fabulous on the inside and out, with dramatic everything, from art to views, it made the experience of training in New Orleans complete. What an incredible city and venue!

New Orleans Doula Training Highlights

And outside…

Seriously, this was off the charts!

New Orleans Doula Training Highlights

Hands on Labor Training

Training was more than just a pretty place though.

Our doulas practiced a variety of labor positions and ways to support both the laboring woman and the partner. Birth Boot Camp places a high importance on practical training. Trainees were provided with the opportunity to practice comfort measures both inside as they learned about optimal positions and supporting epidural births.

New Orleans Doula Training Highlights

Outside as they learned to use birth balls and rebozo techniques…

New Orleans Doula Training Highlights

And even in a tub. We all know how laboring women LOVE a nice bath!

New Orleans Doula Training Highlights

Rebozo Skills

Alexa Gumm was able to secure the most beautiful rebozos, authentic textiles that are loomed in Guatemala. Trainees were thrilled to see them available at the doula training to be used for practice, and also available for purchase. Rebozos can be an amazing tool for birth, and are a MUST according to many doulas. They are often the most used tool in the doula bag.

Trainees LOVED working with them and practicing techniques that will help moms have better birth experiences.

New Orleans Doula Training Highlights

The How-tos of Relationship Building and Networking Your Business

Our doula trainings all have a focused business training included. We feel so passionate about this being a necessary part of every doula’s training that we include it as part of your fee and refuse to charge extra. Our trainers are experts in this area.

Lead trainer, Alexa Gumm, is a wealth of knowledge! Rather than just talking about “winning” at business, she focuses on relationships and networking. True business leaders understand that people and relationships are what it’s all about. We love this lady!

New Orleans Doula Training Highlights

Working Together

Birth Boot Camp DOULA and instructor trainings are designed to work together. We love networking and we adore our Birth Boot Camp family lifting each other up. Soon, we will have a childbirth instructor training in New Orleans, because our new doulas requested one! We love it when people cross-certify within our organization!

Check here to see all the instructor training dates and find Amy Anderson’s upcoming NOLA instructor training.

Most of our attending trainees were local to New Orleans. It is so fun to watch an area grow and watch the relationships that develop. We foster a community where we are all stronger together, so our instructors and doulas help each other grow their respective business.

New Orleans Doula Training Highlights

Learning, fun, good food, and bonding with a group of like-minded people who love birth: it’s all part of the Birth Boot Camp training experience. We had an incredible time in New Orleans! Now, with double the number of doula trainers, we are likely coming to a city near you soon!

Check out our future doula trainings and sign up today. We would love to have you join our family!