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We are so excited to be bringing on a new doula and instructor trainer, Caren Nugent! She is an amazing asset to the Birth Boot Camp team, and we have no doubt that she will teach amazing trainings. Here’s your chance to get to know her a little bit.

Meet Caren: A Doula & Instructor Trainer at Birth Boot Camp

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Arlington, Texas. I’ve lived here my whole life, as well as my husband. However, we LOVE to travel. A few years ago, we took our first trip to Europe and did an amazing tour of 7 different countries. We can’t wait to go back and explore more! 

Why did you want to teach Birth Boot Camp?

Doula instructor trainer- Birth Boot Camp

The Birth Boot Camp curriculum is the best in the industry. It is constantly being updated and is evidenced based. The workbooks, outlines, PowerPoints, and all other materials and merchandise are just beautiful and well done, making it easy and fun to teach. The headquarters team is very approachable and actually wants you to succeed, so they are always available to help you and give you advice.

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What’s it like being a doula & instructor trainer?

Have you ever witnessed an amazing moment? Watched someone succeed in their goals? Or been present as someone does something so extraordinary that words can’t even describe? That’s what being a doula is. You are there for families in the most vulnerable and intimate moments. You watch women find a power in themselves that they didn’t even know they had. You watch couples grow closer as they work together to bring their babies into the world. It’s the most precious and humbling moment. 

Did you always want to be a birth worker?

I have a bachelor’s degree in sex education and public speaking, but I never thought it would lead me to this job! However, this is probably the most fun job ever! Where else can you wear a dress that has sperm and eggs on it, stork leggings, uterus earrings and socks, and an oxytocin necklace? Not very many jobs, I’m assuming. 

Favorite color?

Are there other colors besides pink? It’s the happiest color! Couple it with polka dots and you got yourself a fun combination of happy and whimsical! Which also can be used to describe me!

What does your husband/family think of your job?

My husband is the most supportive person ever! He loves watching my videos, seeing my crazy birth outfits, and loves all my birth related shirts. He is very introverted, so he finds amusement in how much I embrace my extroverted personality. My kids know I do birth work and can explain my job very well to their friends. I even heard my daughter (7 at the time) telling her friend all about cervical dilation using one of my teaching tools. I was so proud. But also needed to explain to her friend’s mom about the situation in case there were questions. 

What do you want your trainees to get out of your training?

I want them to find their passion for this job. To know that they are changing lives by doing what they are doing. To come away fully prepared to teach or support families in how to have an amazing birth, whatever that looks like for the couples.


You can learn more about Caren and contact her via her website – Arlington Birth Services


We are excited to add more trainers and have BBC trainings all over. Come and grow with Birth Boot Camp. Sign-up for a training today!

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