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When browsing the internet for “must haves” when it comes to babies, the lists are so long. There are several things that are really nice to have, but not necessarily NEEDS. Here are 4 things that I feel are NEEDS when it comes to having a new baby.


Whether you use cloth or disposable, babies need diapers. They just do. I used both and loved both for various reasons.

Breast Pump/Milk Saver

If you are planning to breastfeed your baby, I feel this is a valuable tool to have. This Haakaa silicone milk saver is perfect for when you are nursing on one side and you have a let down on the other. Instead of wasting that precious liquid gold, this pump will catch it for you and you will be able to use if for a backup stash or for the next feeding. You will be surprised how much milk this thing can catch.

It is also really convenient if you have sore nipples. You can put warm/hot water in the bottle and add some epsom salt to help ease the pain.

Nursing pads:

If you plan to nurse, more than likely you will encounter leaking breasts. I love soft, reusable breast pads to help with those leaky moments. There are also some great disposable pads that are available as well.

Baby carrier:

There are many different carriers out there: ring slings, wraps, and soft structured carriers. These are perfect for carrying baby around the house to help soothe but also get some work done (once you have rested for a few weeks), running errands, or just keeping your baby close to you. There is a wide variety of brands and types and everyone has their favorites. I, personally, love the KTan carrier for newborns. It’s simple to use, easy to clean, and you can easily do skin to skin. I love the soft structure carriers (Beco, Boba, Tula, Ergo) for older infants to toddlers. These come in super cute designs and work for so many different scenarios.

That’s it! There are many other things that are fun to have and may be needs for some, but to keep things simple and easy, these are just 4 that I feel are absolutely necessary for every baby. Not all these products can be found in Target or Walmart, but you can order from Crunchy Boutique or Amazon for most of these items.

Thank you, to Crunchy Boutique for allowing us to come in your adorable shop and look at all the amazing goodies you have to offer for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care.

Childbirth educator in Arlington, TX

Caren Nugent is a spunky Birth Boot Camp instructor who teaches out of her home in southwest Arlington, TX. Her teaching outfits coordinate with class topics and helps bring the content alive. She is married to her supportive husband, Ryan, and they have 2 children, Aaron and Sara. She homeschools Aaron while also volunteering her time at Sara’s school.

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