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During these unprecedented times, we know that everything is taking a toll on our mental health. Many of us are struggling with extra worries and concerns, many have lost employment, families are trying to decide to approach their children’s education this upcoming school year. So much is different in our lives right now. Here are a few things you can do to be sure that you’re taking care of yourself. When you take care of yourself you can better take care of your loved ones.


Self care during covid-19


Go on a walk

Eat chocolate

Play games

Watch a new TV show

Start a bucket list

Check out the parks in your area

Go to a drive- in movie

Try a new recipe

Organize closets


Give yourself grace

Zoom with mama friends

Step away from social media

Don’t forget to breathe

Connect with an online book club

Handmade craft exchange with other crafty mamas

Do a project you’ve been putting off

Buy new pajama pants or leggings

Put on makeup

Have a quaran-date (just drive around and see the sights)

Make an old fashioned phone call to a friend or family member


Write your birth story

Spend time in nature- walking, hiking, sitting, walking barefoot in the grass

Turn off the news

Take a bath with Epsom salts

Take vit c

Listen to your favorite music


Start a gratitude journal

Clean your kitchen sink

Write a letter – have a penpal

Puzzles! The dollar tree actually has some very pretty puzzles for $1

Use a meal subscription service to try something new

Play a game with the kids or with hubby. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be a fun and fast game

Play in the sprinklers

Play with sidewalk chalk

Dress up and take pictures at home

Garden. From a container, to a bit plot, try your hand at growing food or flowers

Have a picnic at home, or in your car at Sonic

Build a blanket fort

Color in a coloring book

Learn to knit, crochet, needlepoint or quilt

Get to know your neighbors

Make carmel corn and watch a movie together

Blow bubbles outside or in the bath

Fly a kite

Speak to your therapist

Remember this is just a season

Remember you are important

Remember you are needed

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