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Meet Your Birth Boot Camp DOULA Trainers!

Birth Boot Camp is growing again!

The vision for Birth Boot Camp DOULAS is big, and it includes more opportunities for more women. We want to bring one of our unique doula trainings closer to your hometown. We also are now providing more Birth Boot Camp DOULAS with the opportunity to expand their doula career into becoming Doula Trainers.

This week, this vision become a reality as our newest set of Doula Trainers finished their training! They are passionate and kind. They care about the people around them. They are committed to mentoring their new doula trainees and they share our vision of Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainings taking place all over the country.

Let us introduce them to you!

meet your birth boot camp doula trainers

Alexa Gumm

Alexa has been with Birth Boot Camp since before we even launched in 2012. She has been an integral part of helping us become what we are today. She is even credited with naming Birth Boot Camp! Alexa is multi-talented. She is also a gifted doula and Doula Trainer.

meet your birth boot camp doula trainers

She is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, but will be hosting trainings in many locations. She is also a Birth Boot Camp Instructor. Her combination of doula experience, interpersonal skills, and teaching ability make her an incredible driving force behind our entire doula program.

You can get to know Alexa a little better, here.

meet your birth boot camp DOULA trainers

Hailie Wolfe

Hailie also has a long history with Birth Boot Camp. She was one of our earliest instructor trainees, sitting through training while very pregnant with her fifth baby. If you take our 10-week class, you might even see her birth video!

Hailie is on our Headquarters team, working as Doula Certification Coordinator, as well as running Birth Boot Camp’s social media. Her passion and energy for birth and helping women succeed is contagious.

Beyond that she is an experienced instructor and doula. She has singlehandedly helped build the Birth Boot Camp presence in Abilene, TX, where she is headquartered. We are so excited to see her train more doulas in Texas – and beyond!

meet the birth boot camp doula trainers

Amy Anderson

Amy has been with Birth Boot Camp for a LONG time. One of our earliest instructors, she is also an Instructor Trainer in Oklahoma City. An experienced instructor and doula, we were thrilled to see her apply for the Doula Trainer program.

Her commitment to Birth Boot Camp and her gentle care for each and every one of her trainees will make her an amazing Doula Trainer, as well.

Amy is located out of Oklahoma City, but will be hosting trainings all over the country. In addition, because she is also an Instructor Trainer, you can find Amy hosting dual instructor/doula trainings, making it easier for you to start a birth worker career! This fits right in with our vision for Birth Boot Camp and you; more sustainable birth businesses for more women.

meet your birth boot camp doula trainers

Jillian Freeland

We immediately knew that Jillian would be an important part of Birth Boot Camp when she came to instructor training. Her bubbly personality and her sweet countenance shine through the minute you meet her.

She certainly hit the ground running and has taught a lot of students as a childbirth educator. She has also built an impressive doula business at the same time.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that she applied to become a Birth Boot Camp Doula Trainer. She is based out of Winchester, VA.


At our core, Birth Boot Camp simply cares about birth. We want more people to have access to an amazing birth experience. We know that expanding our doula program and adding Doula Trainers makes this a possibility for more people. We also know that giving our own Birth Boot Camp DOULAS the opportunity to become Doula Trainers, and more women the opportunity to join Birth Boot Camp, helps us accomplish our goal of lifting birth work into a respected profession.

If empowering amazing birth is part of YOUR vision too, join us!

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