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I am 28 and have lived in Atlanta for the last 6 years. I actually do not have any children yet, but have been fascinated by pregnancy and birth for literally as long as I can remember. I’m excited to have my own stories to share one day!

Sarah Zoloth teaches childbirth classes in Atlanta, GA

I have been interested in birth for as long as I can remember- that was all my dolls ever did, and I would watch A Baby Story obsessively even as a small child. I majored in Public Health as a college student and did some work specifically on reproductive justice. While I didn’t go into that field, it has always been a passion, and I’ve wanted to pursue it since then. I also do and enjoy a lot of training in my day job and knew that birth education was a great way to combine passions.

Sarah Zoloth natural birth classes near Atlanta, GA

I would love to work with teen mothers and single mothers (by choice or by chance) in particular, as well as being an open resource for any non-traditional families seeking birth education.

I was drawn to Birth Boot Camp because of the modern and evolving curriculum, tight knit community, and ready-to-launch materials that Birth Boot Camp offered. I was also excited by the way BBC pairs online and in person classes and constantly adds more.

Becoming a childbirth educator, Sarah Zoloth trains in Atlanta, GA.

I trained in Birmingham with Cheryl and it was wonderful! I was the only student, so during the day we went through the lessons, and at night we ordered dinner and watched a documentary. She was so helpful and exciting to work with.

I have not taught a class yet- I’m currently working on getting all my logistics set up and determining the best and safest way to move forward mid-COVID.

Training gave me the chance to practice skills multiple times, as well as someone to bounce ideas off of. I also was able to hear stories and experiences that add to my background from Cheryl.

Best childbirth classes near Atlanta, GA taught by Sarah Zoloth

You can find Sarah at and can contact her at [email protected]

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