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Hello, my name is Samantha Martin, owner of Doula Mae Birth Services which is based out of my home office in Big Lake, MN. As a passionate birth professional since early 2016, I happily support growing families in the Twin Cities and Central Minnesota as both a Doula and Childbirth Educator.

Although I am not yet a mother, I do have a sweet nine-year-old pit bull (Sadie) and a large, loving family that surrounds me. As the oldest of six children with ages ranging from 6 to 31, we hold a unique family dynamic including the obvious age gap, two households, and adoption. I have witnessed my parents and family grow through many experiences that have played an important role in where I am today.

My passion has evolved from the natural tendencies of caring for and supporting others, to offering assistance to families during one of the most life-changing experiences. At 14 I witnessed the incredible birth of my second brother who was born via planned cesarean section. I believe it was then that my passion for maternal health began. Since then, I have worked as a nursing assistant in memory care, pediatrics, and postpartum which led me to my first doula training in 2016 and later to Birth Boot Camp in 2018.

After becoming a Birth Boot Camp Instructor, I decided to go on to certify as a Birth Boot Camp Doula due to the comprehensive training and to streamline my business with the materials that were available to me after certification. The process was enjoyable and began prior to the in-person training, a bonus was that I left certified. Overall, I felt supported, encouraged, and lifted up as a person and business owner not only from my trainer but the BBC community as a whole. Hollie Hauptly was my Birth Boot Camp Doula trainer who traveled to Minnesota from Utah along with her calming nurturing nature and youngest nursling.

The doula training included evidence-based materials, hands-on knowledge, business resources and so much more! The training itself was positive and relatively smooth leading me to complete start to finish in just a few months compared to other common doula organizations. My favorite part was staying with my fellow trainees to build close friendships after class; we shared meals and really got to know one another during some of our downtime.

Business is going great even with the few challenges COVID-19 has brought on. My favorite part is being welcomed into the sacred space as a family prepares to grow their family. A big component that I found beneficial to supporting families through birth was the comprehensive childbirth education. Being knowledgeable on how birth may unfold allowed me the confidence to ensure my clients of what was normal and what tools may be helpful during different stages of labor.

Having a doula with you through pregnancy and birth can be beneficial in many ways. I believe having a familiar face throughout the entire experience and the presence of a doula to guide families through the ups and downs of labor can help create a more positive experience.

I have a passion for supporting families through a non-profit called Everyday Miracles which primarily serves at-risk communities in Minnesota. I found this organization early in my doula career and am happy to be a part of a greater change in maternal health and serve clients that may not be able to afford doula support using other avenues. Supporting families through this organization has been eye-opening and helped me continue my growth as a doula.

Samantha serves Twin Cities & Central Minnesota, and you can reach her here:, [email protected], 763-498-1098,,,

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