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Doula in Mesquite, Texas- Birth Boot Camp

Meet Rebekah: A Doula in Mesquite, Texas

I’m Rebekah! I’m a doula in Mesquite, Texas. I’m 22. I come from a large family. I am child 8 of 9 and I have 16 nieces and nephews. I am a Nanny and a Doula. I completed my doula training in February of 2021. I’m so excited to help couples on their journey to becoming parents and I can’t wait to see the amazing job they will do!

In 2017 I witnessed the birth of one of my nephews and knew from that moment on I wanted to be a birth worker. I thought I would do that by being a neonatal or maternity nurse until one of my Facebook friends posted her journey to become a doula.

My favorite births are sibling births. I love watching brother or sister help mom and dad care for the baby or “help” with chores around the house.

I chose Birth Boot Camp because my mom’s friend did her training with Birth Boot Camp and had only good things to say about it. So, I was excited to check it out. It was wonderful! I loved that the training was hands on and that we were ready to get started as soon as we walked out of training. I feel so confident. We went through many different scenarios in training to prepare us for birth. I also loved the community Birth Boot Camp provides.

I currently have two clients and am excited to help them any way I can. I love watching them become confident in what they have learned and the excitement they have in meeting their new little ones. There are always many people there to help with the baby or to check on the baby, but who is there for mom? I am, I’m there for mom 100%. Whatever she needs, I can be there for her exclusively.

You can find Rebekah here:

Phone- (214)392-9581

Email- [email protected]

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