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I’m Kelsie, military spouse and mother of two. I grew up in a small one-stoplight town in Oklahoma. I attended a community college right out of high school on a leadership scholarship, planning to major in dental hygiene, but I never felt overly passionate about my chosen career path. I changed majors a few times then married my husband in 2016. The Army moved us to Guam for four years. I finished my Associates in General Studies online and our daughter was born on the island. Now we live in Oklahoma again where the Army has stationed us in Lawton. We became a family of four in August of 2020 when our son was born at a birth center – it was an amazing, redeeming birth.

Growing up, I remember asking my mom often to tell me her birth stories. It fascinated me! I also watched A Baby Story on TLC all the time. Shortly after moving with my husband to Guam, I began babysitting and was interviewed by a doula and childbirth educator. I found out I was pregnant not long after we met, and I immediately hired her for doula services and to take a birth class. During class, I knew that my passion for birth work was growing from a spark to a small fire.

If I were to credit a person or people with inspiring me, it would definitely be my midwife and my partner — for believing that I could accomplish amazing things in birth (as well as in life!) with minimal interference and maximum encouragement. Just ONE person to believe in you can make that big of a difference in your birth…and your life. I trained and certified as a doula in May 2019 one year after my daughter’s birth. After working as a doula for a few months, I knew I wanted to teach birth classes as well, so I trained and certified as a childbirth instructor in January of 2020. I love my job(s)!!

I chose Birth Boot Camp as my certifying organization because I personally went through a BBC class during my first pregnancy. After researching other organizations, I found Birth Boot Camp to have the most comprehensive curriculum, and I knew I would also get a community along with my doula training. I love that I was set up for success beyond training for starting my business. I also had the opportunity to train because Birth Boot Camp offers remote trainings. I lived in Guam at the time, so it was the perfect option for me to pursue my desire to become a doula.

I love teaching birth classes! It never gets old seeing students have a “lightbulb moment” during class. Getting to know my students and being part of such a special time in their life is a beautiful thing. I specifically remember from training discussing how everyone’s perception of birth may be different and to remember that each student will have a different expectation for their birth. It helped prepare me for teaching classes by taking a different approach to how I cover certain topics – especially ones I tended to have a more emotional stance on prior to training. I am partial to teaching the Comprehensive series and am excited to also offer BBC’s new Basic Training class. I offer multiple classes per quarter.

I feel I am having a positive impact with my doula clients because they express how supported they felt in each step of their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. I truly honor and respect every decision my clients make for their birth experience, and I think that really pays off for everyone in a positive way – in more ways than one. I believe doulas can make a positive difference in women’s birth experiences by strictly providing evidence-based education and options in pregnancy and labor in an unbiased manor. By providing this, along with encouraging communication with the care provider(s), it empowers women to step into the driver’s seat of their birth.

I am incredibly passionate about first time moms as well as moms who have had a previously traumatic birth. Seeing as I was both, and experienced a redeeming birth with my second child, I especially love supporting families through their first birth experience and helping create a game plan of confidence when families are preparing for a redeeming birth. Ultimately, I love supporting birthers and their support person(s) no matter what type of birth they are desiring.

“I was so anxious, nearly terrified of the thought of labor and delivery and all things postpartum as I have previously survived a sexual assault. I was met with kindness, love, acceptance, patience and understanding from Kelsie. She was so attentive throughout my pregnancy. My husband and I learned so much and had fun too, with her what to expect classes and she answered every question no matter how silly or serious with honesty and knowledge. When the BIG moment came, she went above and beyond! Kelsie met me in my home in the middle of the night and stayed with me for the next 16 hours as I conquered my labor and delivery. She gave me such a great experience, that I not only am proud of sharing my story but excited to someday give birth again. Did I mention she helped me with improving my latch and set me up for success with breastfeeding? 5/5 highly recommend her services! We love you Kelsie, thank you for empowering me in my labor and delivery.” -A. Davis

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