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doula instructor in Cedar Hills

Meet Kelly Buck: Childbirth Educator in Cedar Hills, Utah

My husband and I are the parents of two beautiful boys. Both of my babies’ births were wonderful but I felt like something was missing after the birth of my oldest. I knew practically nothing about birth. I read a few books here and there and took the childbirth classes at the hospital. It ended in a very long induction with a lot of Pitocin. Postpartum depression hit fast and hard. When I found out I was pregnant with my second, I did things completely different. I learned as much as I could about natural pregnancy and birth and hired a doula. The experience was night and day. That was what ignited my passion for this work.

How I Became Childbirth Educator in Cedar Hills, Utah

I had been working as a doula for four years and studied tons of birth modalities. I found that there were two types of childbirth education classes: classes offered at Hospitals, and classes offered by the community. The classes that were offered at hospitals tended to skim over any non-medical induction methods or pain management, and the out of hospital classes practically shame anyone who even thinks of an epidural. Birth Boot Camp aims to give their students as many tools as they can so that they can have the birth that is right for them. I love helping partners get involved and watching how supportive they become. I feel strongly that when you support a mother, you’re healing the world.

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I loved my training. It was so much fun to be with other likeminded women. I learned so much. Not just about birth but how to run a business. The biggest thing I learned is to get out of my own head. Hollie helped me remember that I already knew the material, I just needed to get out of my own way. I took my training with Hollie Hauptly. I had known Hollie for a few years before she became the owner of Birth Boot Camp. I knew that she was an amazing doula and an incredible businesswoman. When I found out that she was taking over, I knew I had to join. It’s been an incredible experience so far.

You can find Kelly here:

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