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Hello! My name is Jennifer, and I’m a birth doula in the DFW area of north Texas. My husband and I have lived here for 28 years and are currently raising a dog, cat, bird, numerous freshwater fish, and four incredible teenagers.

My own birth experiences led me to this work. If I were to credit a person or people with inspiring me, it would definitely be my midwife and my partner — for believing that I could accomplish amazing things in birth (as well as in life!) with minimal interference and maximum encouragement. Just ONE person to believe in you can make that big of a difference in your birth…and your life.

I’m passionate about my clients being well-informed and supported in childbirth. This helps produce healthy families for our community! Because of the critical role birth plays in the beginning days and weeks of the parenting experience, it’s important to research the options, know what you’re facing, and find a good team to support you in your choices.

About six years ago when I was kicking around the idea of doula work as a career, I saw an announcement online that Birth Boot Camp was offering trainings. I liked that the workshop was local to me, included hands-on training, and was within my budget criteria.

Since then, I’ve attended a refresher training that I loved, made helpful business connections and lots of great birthy friends through Birth Boot Camp. My clients love the BBC materials I offer in my doula package, and I never worry about content or quality — both are impeccable with BBC.

So far, I love supporting DFW families! It’s been five years now! Recently, I added placenta encapsulation to my doula services and formed a collective with other birth professionals in my area to offer discount packages.

One illustration from doula training has stayed with me. Every doula has a bag, and doula bags are a hot topic at training. After going over all the items, reasons and uses, our trainer gently reminded us that all we really ever need to bring to birth is our hands and hearts. I love that. I can do that. Clients say that I’m passionate, knowledgeable, supportive — all the nice stuff. But I get especially happy when they mention my “amazing” hands.

I continue to learn with each birth I attend. My favorite moments usually happen during the golden hour right after birth, when the realization of accomplishment settles on everyone — the one giving birth, their partner, family…the whole team. Part of my job as your doula is to help facilitate that moment, to guard it, to make sure it happens to the best of my ability.

Doulas make birth better for everyone! As much today as any other time in history, families need our support in birth. Covid has complicated things to be sure, but let’s not lose heart that doulas can still make a difference in lives. I’m challenging myself to push forward — to keep learning, growing, and changing with the times. Let’s go!

Find me at,, IG and FB @grandprairiedoula

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