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I’m a wife & mom of five kids, living in East Texas. I’ve been a lifestyle coach for 13 years and love helping others lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Traveling and experiencing other cultures/lifestyles is a passion of mine while hobbies include snow & water sports (really anything outdoors). I also love sign language, reading, and watching true crime documentaries. Some of my favorite things are house plants, sunsets, giraffes, the color green, studying the Bible, and people with a great sense of humor.

What first got me interested in birth work? Serving my best friend as her birth partner and also volunteering with Hannah House Maternity, a crisis pregnancy home, realizing the need to help underserved women through pregnancy and birth. I love serving women who feel alone, with no family support, and also helping women have redemptive births.

I chose to certify with Birth Boot Camp because I had heard great reviews of BBC trainings, and I was also drawn to them because they had a very close-knit community/family feel. I loved getting to know the other doula trainees and how laid back but informative the training was. I also value the time spent on the business side of starting my doula business. One of the benefits I truly appreciate, though, has been the after-training support and info from our BBC group. Training and support didn’t stop when the training weekend was over.

Training was very practical and easy to understand. I really think, however, leaving training feeling tethered to so many experienced doulas was what made me feel confident. I never felt like I was just thrown out into the birth world completely on my own. They also encouraged us to get involved with local doulas which has been one of the best steps for my business. We have an amazing group of local doulas.

I just celebrated my one-year doula anniversary, and it has been one of the most impactful years of my life. Sounds dramatic, I know, but what a year to be a first-year doula. Hello, pandemic! I had 12 births, and I am truly thankful to have been able to serve these families in such a scary year, when fears were heightened, plans changed, and birth experiences looked very different for many. My favorite part has been seeing moms have beautiful redemptive births after previous traumatic birth experiences.

Helping clients feel empowered and in control, through evidence-based info and support, so they can make informed decisions, has had such a positive impact on the birth experiences they desire. Being that strong support through education and inspiration for them to take control of their birth plan, to know their rights so they don’t feel like on-lookers for their birth choices, and to help them feel safe and supported through the entire process.


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