Meet Amsy Dees – Doula in Lakeland, Florida

August 27, 2021

Hi, I’m Amsy! I’m a certified birth doula with Birth Boot Camp and loving it! I am also a mom to two little girls and wife to a big teddy bear of a man. I like to be outside, swimming, hiking, white water rafting, and I love to read and research all things birth.

I’ve been interested in birth work since around the time I got married in 2015. Before we had kids I wanted to be prepared and began researching and fell in love with birth and the beauty and miracle of childbearing. I began pursuing doula work around the time my second daughter was born in 2019 and got certified officially in 2021!

I am very passionate about advocacy and informed consent. I pursue this work in my spare time by writing and calling legislators, and in my birth work by educating my clients of their options and rights. I am also drawn to working with birthers who have high risk pregnancies. High risk doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful and empowering birth, it just may mean we have some things to work around, and I love a challenge.

I chose Birth Boot Camp because I have known my doula instructor Janet Farmer for years personally, and had attended some other professional trainings with her. I trusted that if she said the program was good, it was GOOD. And she was right!

My training experience was great! It was a small group so we were able to really open up to each other. We are all still in touch and bounce ideas and issues off each other regularly. My favorite part is a toss up between the hands on comfort measures practice and the bonds formed between us as fellow doulas. I felt very prepared to start attending births after my training with Birth Boot Camp. The positions, and comfort measures are the obvious, but even down to what to pack in your doula bag, and what to bring to a birth plan meeting – everything was so practical and helpful.

Doula work is going well! I have been busy. I even traveled out of state to attend a birth! It’s been such an awesome career already and it’s only going up from here as I have more availability to take on more clients in the coming year.

Doulas make a positive difference in the birth experience for parents by supporting both the birthing parent and the partner with education, physical support, emotional support, encouragement, reassurance, and skill. I feel like I’m having a positive impact on my clients by really listening to what they desire for their birth, and taking my skills and knowledge to help them achieve it. I think education and information always have a positive impact so I strive to continue that through my meetings with clients and also for the general public on my Instagram page @AmsyDees.Doula

You can find me on Instagram at @AmsyDees.Doula, Facebook at Amsy Dees Doula Services, or email me at for information about my services if you are in the Central Florida area!

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