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Birth Boot Camp firmly believes in making your training to become a childbirth educator as easy and as streamlined as possible. Our program includes everything you will need to begin this exciting journey. We have broken it down here so it is easy to understand exactly what you get for your money when you train with Birth Boot Camp.

Some items below have an actual value listed to the side, but much of what we provide at Birth Boot Camp is ongoing and hard to label with an actual value. Some might say “priceless” next to many of the items listed, especially if you’ve ever certified with another organization.

If you have further questions after reading through this list, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are happy to answer your questions. Email [email protected].

Birth Boot Camp Training Fee Includes:

Online portion of your training:

  • Breastfeeding: The Ultimate MRE = $50
  • Access to the Birth Boot Camp Comprehensive online classes = $245

These are the books you will receive at your workshop:

Outlines for childbirth educators

A detailed Operations Guide = $50

All outlines needed to teach each of our classes. 

Comprehensive Class Outline = $30

Home & Birth Center Class Outline = $30

Hospital Birth Class Outline = $30

Basic Training Class Outline =$30

All Workshop Class Outlines = $30

Student Field Manual for the Comprehensive Class = $39.95

Birth Boot Camp tumbler = $11.95

Birth Boot Camp tote bag and pen = $2.89

The books and online training alone total over $600!

When you attend the workshop, you can expect the following:

  • Training on how to be an effective instructor
  • Training on how to start and grow your business

Because everyone completed their pre-certification work before the workshop, your time spent in the workshop will focus on actually teaching and the components that make up having a birth business as a childbirth educator. Your workshop will not be a childbirth class!

Once you complete your pre-certification work, attend the workshop (where you will take the exam) and are certified, you will be added to the Birth Boot Camp Instructor website. There you will find the following:

  • Birth videos to show in class. Many childbirth educators will spend hundreds of dollars purchasing birth videos for their classes. When you certify with Birth Boot Camp, these are provided for you at no extra charge and can be found on the instructor website.
  • Additional videos on various topics, to use at your discretion. Topics include:     
    • Chiropractic interview and demonstration
    • Massage
    • Doula interview
    • All the exercise videos
    • Dozens of business videos
  • Teaching tools/cards/instructions for classes
  • And much more!

In addition, your training will include:

  • Your directory listing on our website
  • Access to private Birth Boot Camp Facebook groups
  • Access to Headquarters Team and Advisory Board for questions and guidance
  • Access to company photography and logos. We are continually adding to our photography. This is available to you as long as you are certified with Birth Boot Camp for use on your website and social media marketing.
  • Access to our online store for professional marketing materials. From brochures to business cards to coffee mugs, we have you covered when it comes to promoting your birth business.
  • Opportunities to write blogs and link backs through the Birth Boot Camp website.

While it wasn’t mentioned in a list, the community at Birth Boot Camp is truly unique. It is such a supportive, intelligent, and nurturing group of people. While everyone is from a vast array of backgrounds, political affiliations, and races, our love and respect for birth and one another ties us together in a special way. Won’t you join us?

To get started today, apply here.


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