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granbury, tx doula

Katy Temple, Doula in Granbury, TX

We love Katy Temple. She is one of our dual certified childbirth educators and doulas. We are so excited that she has added doula services to her childbirth education business in Granbury, TX, and we imagine you will adore her too. Welcome, Katy and happy doula-ing!

Introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Katy and I serve couples in the Granbury/West Fort Worth area. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart since 2011 and we have a 2-year-old son and 6-year-old chocolate lab. We love camping, fishing, jeeping, and music!

What first got you interested in doula work?

I became a certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor in 2016 but quickly found that I wanted to do more to help couples. I LOVE teaching, but I wanted to add to it. I love the servant’s heart doulas have and how they support and empower couples during labor and birth.

Katy Temple, Doula in Granbury, TX

Do you have any particular passions concerning birth, if so, why?

I love first-time parents. My desire is for couples to know their options from the beginning and set them up for amazing births every time. It can be so overwhelming when you’re pregnant with your first and I love to teach and support families from the get-go!

With so many doula trainings out there, why did you choose Birth Boot Camp DOULA training?

Birth Boot Camp stands out among the rest in everything they do. Every detail is done with hard work and love. The continued support and resources beyond training from headquarters and fellow Birth Boot Camp birth workers is unreal! After taking Birth Boot Camp and then certifying as an instructor, I knew it was a no-brainer.

Katy Temple, Doula in Granbury, TX

Tell us about your training experience.

Doula training was beyond amazing. I love that there was so much work done before training so that while we were there we could totally focus on the hands-on side of things. Not only do they teach you hands-on techniques, but they teach you the business and advertising side of things, too. Any and every question we had was thoroughly answered and we left there prepared, confident, and ready to serve families.

How did your training prepare you for actual birth attendance?

Training covered everything from labor positions for different situations, c-section support, what to wear, what to bring, and comfort measures for different situations. Part of the training required observing births before training, as well, which gave us a better understanding of the things we were taught during training.

Katy Temple, Doula in Granbury, TX

To close, how do you believe doulas can make a positive difference in the birth experience for women?

Doulas have this amazing job and ability to come alongside couples and support them during one of the most memorable times of their lives. If things go a little differently than expected, doulas can explain things and support couples and help calm their nerves. They are instrumental in caring for the mental aspect of birth for both partners, as well as the physical.

How can we find you?

[email protected]
Instagram: katytemplebbcdi