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Introducing Instructor Trainer, Donna Ryan

Introducing Instructor Trainer, Donna Ryan

Our founder and original trainer, Donna Ryan, is now training instructors on her own and it is wonderful! Training with Donna truly is a treat and we are thrilled that she is getting out there on her own to spread the Birth Boot Camp love. We want you to get to know this amazing woman a little better.


Donna has a made helping families her “why” for years. Her teaching and training has touched thousands of lives. She says,

“I’ve been a childbirth educator for many years. When we launched Birth Boot Camp, the curriculum was so unique, the demand was there to train others to teach it. We’ve trained hundreds of Birth Boot Camp Instructors since June 2012. With our Headquarters team now spread out across the country, it makes sense to split up to do trainings. There are eight Birth Boot Camp Instructor Trainers holding workshops across the country! It’s easier than ever before to become a Birth Boot Camp Instructor.”

More trainings and more trainers equals more people having amazing births.


Donna’s love for birth runs deep. Her passion shines through and has colored her life for almost 20 years. She says,

“I loved my births. I had amazing experiences and I’ve wanted to help other couples ever since my first unmedicated birth in 1999. Childbirth classes are an opportunity for couples to grow closer together in preparation for welcoming their new baby, or “recruit,” as we like to call them at Birth Boot Camp. I’ve taught hundreds of couples over the years, and I’m pretty sure it’s the greatest job on earth!

I’ve had the privilege of adding an additional layer by training other women to become childbirth educators, teaching the Birth Boot Camp curriculum. I’ve grown as an individual through the process of educating couples, and it’s been so rewarding to help women do the same in their communities.”

Introducing Instructor Trainer, Donna Ryan

Donna and her family.


Why do people care so much about childbirth? Once experienced it’s easy to understand, but sometimes hard to convey. Donna shares,

“There is no other time in a woman’s life that compares with pregnancy and giving birth. It is a sacred time, wondering about the little person she’s carrying – what baby will look like, will they be funny or serious, is it a boy or girl – the list goes on and on. Pregnancy and birth are also a special time for a couple, growing their family. It’s an opportunity to get to know and help each other in a new and exciting way. Such hard work, but the birth high experienced by the entire family is unmatched.”

Truly believing in the sacred nature for of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood lies at the core of Donna’s passion for childbirth education.

Introducing Instructor Trainer, Donna Ryan

Donna, at one of the many childbirth educator trainings she has led.


All of our individual trainers help bring instructor trainings closer to you. Donna’s new home in South Dakota is a wonderful place to travel to! She says,

“I find myself traveling on occasion and love to bring Birth Boot Camp to various regions of the US. In March 2018, I’ll be in Orem, UT (AKA Happy Valley) which is where 2 of my 4 children where born. I might even find myself doing a little spring skiing after training is over. I’m so excited to grow Birth Boot Camp in Utah. It’s such a great place to have a baby, and I’m certain Birth Boot Camp classes will make it that much better!

I’m also conducting an Instructor Training in Rapid City, SD (home of Mt. Rushmore) just after the 4th of July. Plan your vacation around training! The Black Hills are a gorgeous place to visit, and there’s no place more patriotic to spend the national holiday.”

What better place to change your life and help change the lives of others than near the beauty of our nation’s majestic mountains? Join us!


You can find all the Birth Boot Camp instructor trainings on our website. Donna loves chatting on the phone, so if you have any questions, feel free to call her at: 817-789-1207

You can have an amazing birth and an amazing birth business. We would love to have you.

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