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Birth Boot Camp Regional Trainer in Oklahoma

Birth Boot Camp Regional Trainer in Oklahoma!

We are thrilled to introduce Amy Anderson as our Birth Boot Camp Regional Trainer in Oklahoma, serving the Southeast. Amy attended one of the first ever Birth Boot Camp instructor trainings in Dallas/Fort Worth. In the years since, she has taught many couples, worked as a doula, and been integral in the growing Oklahoma network of birth workers.

Amy is awesome, experienced, just plain sweet, and EXCITED to travel as a Birth Boot Camp Regional Trainer in Oklahoma!

Keep reading to learn more about Amy and her journey to becoming your regional trainer.


My name is Amy Anderson, I am the Southeast Region Trainer.

I have been drawn to birth for as long as I can remember, and have known I wanted a large family since I was in high school.  I have 5 children and each of their births play a part in why I do what I do.  Outside of birth work I love spending time with my kids, going camping, watching superhero movies, or building with Legos.

Birth Boot Camp Regional Trainer in Oklahoma

Amy with her five beautiful children. Photo Credit

My oldest daughter’s birth was an emergency cesarean section after 18 hours of labor. I hadn’t taken a childbirth class, hired a doula, or put much thought into my birth other than, “I’ll go into labor, go to the hospital and have a natural birth.” I believe things could have gone much different had I put a little more thought into it.

With my second daughter I had a repeat cesarean birth. I didn’t know I had any other choices, I had always heard once a cesarean always a cesarean. So we picked the date, went in for our cesarean and had our sweet baby girl.

The birth that started me down this path is our third birth, and our third daughter. I had a great care provider who asked if I wanted a repeat cesarean birth. He told me I could try for a vaginal birth but he wasn’t saying it wouldn’t end in another cesarean.  

This time I hired a doula, educated myself more and made sure I was surrounded by a great birth team.

After a short labor she was born on her due date and it was a successful VBA2C (vaginal birth after two cesareans). Seeing how much my doula impacted my pregnancy and labor I knew I wanted to help other moms have the birth they desired as well.  

My next two births were the births of my sons. The first was another hospital VBA2C with the same wonderful birth team  We labored at home for as long as I felt comfortable and when we got to the hospital I was 9 cm. After another hour of laboring and pushing he was born. I stood on the hospital bed, and I was supported by my partner and my care provider.

Our last child and second son was born at home. We had originally been planning another hospital birth, but knowing this was our last I wanted to do a home birth. We switch care to our midwife late in pregnancy, but knew it was the right choice for us.  

Birth Boot Camp Regional Trainer Oklahoma

Amy with her two sons, both VBA2C. Photo credit:

His birth was longer and more difficult that my previous VBA2Cs. He came out in a military position and facing my leg. I was blessed to be cared for by a midwife who trusted me and my body and when I told her something felt wrong she reminded me it was just different. All of our other children were present when their baby brother was born.  It was a beautiful family-centered birth like I had been hoping for.  

I found and fell in love with Birth Boot Camp in 2012.

I had been searching for a comprehensive childbirth education curriculum for a year or more.  Everything I had looked at didn’t feel right for me or cover as much as I thought it should. I became an instructor during the first Birth Boot Camp training that was open to the public.

Since then they have continued to update our workbooks and birth videos we show in class. I have loved being part of the Birth Boot Camp family and watching it grow. I have recently become a Birth Boot Camp DOULA and look forward to being the Southeast Regional Trainer.

I am planning Birth Boot Camp Regional Trainings in Orlando, FL, Oklahoma City, OK, and Nashville, TN.

You can find Amy’s childbirth educator training dates, as well as others across the country, here.

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