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We’re excited to announce that January 25-31, 2020 is International Childbirth Education Week, and there is significant importance to childbirth education when preparing to have a baby.


Childbirth education adds value to your experience

Education for childbirth has actually been around for a long time. Birth Boot Camp, the original online birth class has even been around now for over 10 years. While some people believe birth is a physiological event that shouldn’t require education, there are many generations of people who have no idea about the process of labor or birth, because of either medications introduced in past decades that changed what birth looked like, to different cultures, or even the misconception of what it looks like because of the inaccurate portrayal of birth in the media.

Even now in 2023, we have a system that is set up to incorporate a lot of technology and intervention, that it may not be familiar to many people or families, even in the context of birth. This means that for the vast majority of people there is a learning curve when it comes to childbirth education.

It has been shown that taking a childbirth class has many benefits, including:

  • Reduced anxiety, worries and overall fear going into the birth
  • Increased rate of spontaneous vaginal birth

Online birth class options for those that can’t attend an in-person class

Many reasons we hear often from families who did not take a childbirth class were the unavailability to attend a class in-person, no in-person classes available in their area (check HERE to see if there are in-person BBC classes near you!), or the higher cost of some live classes.

Online classes help to solve many of these concerns! There are many options available, including the Comprehensive Birth Boot Camp classes!

Childbirth classes have so much more to offer

Many people attend a childbirth class expecting to learn the basics of labor and birth, and maybe a few comfort measures, they might be surprised by everything that could be in included in a childbirth class. Birth Boot Camp childbirth classes also offer information on early pregnancy, staying healthy, what pain relief medications are available from epidurals to nitrous oxide, what your postpartum experience may look like, breastfeeding, and even newborn care.

There are truly no drawbacks to taking a birth class

A childbirth class is ultimately great for all families, and not just first-time parents! Being able to take time out of your pregnancy, even if just for a couple of hours a week, to focus on this baby and this pregnancy as you plan for the birth of your new baby is very beneficial. Even without the educational benefits, a retreat from your normal daily life to focus can be very beneficial for you and as a couple. 

There is a childbirth class for everyone, no matter what your needs are

Every family will want something different out of a childbirth experience and class. An AMAZING BIRTH looks different for everyone. Not every woman’s goal is an unmedicated birth. Our childbirth education classes include an evidence based education, so that you know ALL the options available to you. Our online classes are highly engaging and include lots of visual aids and teaching methods. 

We hope you will join us in celebrating the first annual childbirth education week!

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