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Improved Online Birth Classes

October 2, 2017

improved online birth classes

Improved Online Birth Classes!

Since we launched we have sought feedback from our students. Our online classes are for you and we want them to work for you and your lifestyle.

Recently, we launched several new class (click here to read all about them!) but we have also done an overhaul on our original class, the comprehensive 10 session.

Here is what is new and improved with the Birth Boot Camp online childbirth class:

What’s New?

Now, when you login to your online class, there will be several video modules within each session. These “bite sized” videos of 15-45 minutes make watching the previous 2-hour classes so much easier:

  • Shorter loading time (all videos are streaming).
  • Easier navigation from one part of the class to another.
  • Choose your subject in the order you prefer.
  • Better retention of information because you can watch a short subject rather than several hours.
  • Shorter videos mean it’s easier to fit childbirth education into your busy life. Don’t have two hours? No problem. Just watch one section.
  • Less overwhelming. There is a lot to learn as you prepare for the birth of your baby, but you don’t need to be overwhelmed. We have broken down what you need into edible chunks. You can do this, and we are helping you fit your childbirth classes into your life.

What Stayed the Same?

What stayed the same with our 10 session online childbirth series?

  • The same great, comprehensive information is still there! Just easier to access, view, and remember.
  • Wonderful birth videos.
  • Comfort measures for mom and her partner to practice during pregnancy.
  • Relaxation downloads you can listen to and then practice on your own.
  • An incredible workbook for the two of you. It complements the class perfectly and is meant to be used during the week, not just while viewing the classes. Charts and helpful hints during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum make this workbook a bedside staple.
  • Stories from couples like you.
  • Instruction from your online instructors, Donna Ryan and Sarah Clark.
  • Interviews from care providers and other birth professionals!

In-Person Classes Have Improved, Too!

If you are taking an in-person class, our incredible instructors have upped their game as well. We have recently revamped their instructor manual with new teaching tools, student engagement activities, and tips for helping you, the student, have a better, more enjoyable class.

No matter how you prefer your birth class, online or in-person, you can expect quality, accuracy, and information that works for your lifestyle.

Thanks for being part of Birth Boot Camp and welcoming us into your life! It’s a responsibility we take seriously.

You CAN have an amazing birth!

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