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Homecoming: Life with a New Recruit

One of the reasons we care so much about birth at Birth Boot Camp is because we believe that every family deserves an amazing start with their little one.

Birth is just the beginning!

One of our newest classes, Homecoming: Life with a New Recruit, prepares couples for the months after the baby is born.

People say that babies don’t come with a manual, but they do now! And an online class!

What You’ll Learn

Homecoming: Life with a New Recruit is more than just a diapering class. It prepares you for all the aspects of early parenting that you and your partner will want to know. It covers:

  • Routine tests and procedures for your newborn
  • What is a new baby like and what to do the first few days
  • How to comfort your new baby
  • Recreating the womb so that the transition to life outside you is pleasant
  • The benefits of breastfeeding
  • Tips to make breastfeeding work
  • Safe sleep with your baby
  • Cloth diapering
  • Postpartum emotions
  • Intimacy for the couple
  • And more!

Why You’ll Love It

Education makes a difference. It gives comfort when we are scared, and it makes the unknown feel doable. Having a new human and not knowing the basics of parenting is particularly rough. This class will leave you feeling excited, along with your partner.

Not only will you know how to do baby basics, but you’ll also have a strong foundation for the beginning of your breastfeeding relationship, a huge source of stress when it proves difficult, and you’ll know how to calm your baby gently, without harsh tactics.

Baby care is wonderful, but so is mama care! This class doesn’t ignore mother but helps you understand some of the unique emotions that occur in those early days. In addition, you’ll spend time focusing on your couple relationship and how it evolves and strengthens with the addition of children.

Sneak Peak

Whether you take the online Birth Boot Camp infant class or find an in-person one with a childbirth educator in your area, you will get the Birth Boot Camp, Homecoming: Life with a New Recruit manual.

This full-color booklet is more than pretty; it’s truly helpful in those early days with your baby.

Find Your Baby Class

The Birth Boot Camp Homecoming: Life with a New Recruit class can be taken two ways:

  • ONLINE, as an addition to either our Home and Birth Center Class or our Hospital Birth Clas

The online baby class option gives you and your partner the flexibility of watching on your own schedule and the ability to pause and discuss as questions arise. It’s perfect for the modern, busy couple. Click here to purchase your birth class.


Our childbirth educators are incredible, and you can find them all over the country. They love talking babies as much (maybe more!) than they love talking birth and they are loving, amazing women. You’ll love learning directly from them and gain the camaraderie of others in your class.


Last, of all, we wish you huge congratulations! Babies are incredible and we love them here at Birth Boot Camp. More than that, we want you to be able to cherish and enjoy the days with your newborn rather than just struggle through them.

Education. It makes a difference. 

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