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Happy 4th Birthday, Birth Boot Camp!

By March 23, 2016May 17th, 20182 Comments

Happy 4th Birthday Birth Boot Camp!

It has been four years since Birth Boot Camp launched and we have watched it grow by leaps and bounds. It has truly been one incredible and crazy journey! But here we are, so…

Happy 4th Birthday, Birth Boot Camp!

It all began with our debut in March of 2012 in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. We had big plans to share a new kind of childbirth education with the world! We wanted modern couples to have access to childbirth education that was clean, organized, factual, and comprehensive. We knew that we were going to offer the first and best online childbirth classes on the market. We had a big party in Dallas/Fort Worth to introduce our materials and our vision to the world.

Happy 4th Birthday, Birth Boot Camp!

People came from all over the DFW metroplex to check out our materials. Good times!

Online Classes

Our first online birth classes featured our founder, Donna Ryan, in streaming online childbirth classes teaching couples what they needed to know in order to have an amazing natural birth. These classes made it possible to learn from the comfort of your own home! Those original classes also featured tons of documentary interviews with couples, care providers, and other birth professionals.

Happy 4th Birthday, Birth Boot Camp!

Our original materials! Look at all that brown.

We also knew that we were going to take childbirth education to the streets by training incredible childbirth educators who would teach these same style of classes in their own home towns.  

Happy 4th Birthday, Birth Boot Camp!

Instructor trainings have been held about four times a year since our launch- and things get crazy!

Within the first year we had childbirth educators teaching the 10 week Birth Boot Camp curriculum all across the country!

During one of our instructor trainings in California, we decided that we should branch out … We had received numerous requests for a Birth Boot Camp DOULA program.

We were excited and decided … Why not?!

Doula Training!

With a focus on being the best, most comprehensive, and professional doula certifying program out there, they created something amazing.

In the last four years we also re-filmed our 10 week online childbirth classes! We loved the early classes with our founder, Donna Ryan, teaching, but decided to change the format and make them more of a morning talk show style by giving Donna a partner teacher. Sarah Clark, a childbirth educator and instructor trainer along with Donna, joined the fun.

The updated online natural childbirth classes cover the same needed information to help you prepare for your amazing birth, but have the perspective (and witty banter) of a partnership presenting the information.

Happy 4th Birthday, Birth Boot Camp!

With the addition of the doula program, our teaching materials got an update too. Bye-bye brown, hello green!

Pregnancy Exercises!

We also pulled in the incredible Katie Dudley to update our pregnancy exercise and nutrition information. Katie’s arm muscles speak for themselves, but she is more than a perfect figure. She brought the most thorough and well-rounded pregnancy exercise program to our classes.

We couldn’t be happier- or prouder- to offer what is truly the BEST childbirth education exercise program out there. Katie incorporated foam rolling, a score of additional exercises, and a focus on core strength and balance to our program. This is so much more than just some squats! It is life changing!

Happy 4th Birthday, Birth Boot Camp!

Our goal isn’t just to train awesome doulas and knowledgeable childbirth educators- we want to bring people together and create a positive culture surrounding birth. We do this by growing a FAMILY of supportive women.


In 2015 we hosted our first Birth Boot Camp retreat! With renowned speakers and authors in attendance, as well as tons of women from our growing doula/educator family, it was incredible. People who bond together, grow strong together! There is nothing that gives us more joy than watching these women change the world and be an uplifting influence on each other and their communities.

Happy 4th Birthday, Birth Boot Camp!

Our doulas are relationship experts!

More Childbirth Education Options!

Just a month ago, we added two more classes to our childbirth education line up!

We know that an amazing birth starts with an amazing pregnancy- so we added the Birth Boot Camp Early Pregnancy Class. This class, with its well-rounded focus on early preparation for your mind and body, is available as a booklet for you to purchase or is taught by our instructors in your community.

But that’s not all!

We also added a Sibling Birth Class. For us, birth isn’t just about an experience for the birthing mother, but a positive experience for the WHOLE family. An often missing part of this preparation is the older siblings. They want to be prepared and the whole family benefits when they are. The Birth Boot Camp Sibling Birth Class is one way we make birth a positive experience for the entire family. It includes a fabulous 12-page workbook just for the kids. You can even buy it and teach your children in your own home.  


And Birth Boot Camp IS making a difference in birth for families across the country! Our statistics show that taking one of our childbirth classes, either with an in-person instructor or online, cuts your chance of cesarean by more than half of the national average.

We CAN do something very real to improve birth for women, their partners, and their babies. Education and doulas are an integral part of this rolling forward change.

We have so much more in store for the next few years! Keep your eyes open- we are going be making this incredible curriculum and life-changing knowledge available to more and more people.

Join us today!

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Maria Pokluda
7 years ago

Birth Boot Camp is such a great company and group of women. I am proud to be a part of it and look forward to many more happy birthdays!

Sarah Clark
7 years ago
Reply to  Maria Pokluda

We are so proud that we have you, Maria.