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Are you the kind of person that goes all out for Halloween, or are you a more laid-back observer? Me, personally, I’m more laid back when it comes to dressing up. But I love Halloween pregnancy costumes! If it’s convenient and I already have it on hand, then I’m good to go. I have definitely worn the same costume in consecutive years!

No matter how you celebrate Halloween, there are costume options just for you, from “grab what’s lying around the house” to “spend months preparing.” Here are some of our favorites!


Halloween Pregnancy Costumes

For the laid-back mom:

For the mom with a sense of humor:

For the “grab what’s around your house” mom:

For the “go all out” mom:

Halloween Pregnancy Costumes- BIrth Boot Camp

For the movie-loving mom:

For the last-minute mom:

What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?

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