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getting to know doula trainer jen

Getting To Know Doula Trainer Jen

As we add new doula trainers, we love taking a moment to introduce them to you. These unique and capable women each bring their own personality and passion to the profession and to every training they lead.

Today we want to let you get to know Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainer, Jen Valencia. Jen is both a doula and an instructor trainer and she lives in Colorado. However, because of her deep spirit of adventure, she doesn’t limit her trainings to that area. You can find her wherever there is a mountain to climb.

Here is a small window into the fabulous person that is doula trainer Jen. Welcome!

Why did you become a doula?

My passion for doula work extends from making a difference in the lives of families. Birth is a powerful life transition for the family unit and working through that with others, helping to make it a positive experience, is something I love.

Do you ever sleep?!

I get this question often, and the answer is, I love sleep, I sleep all the time! But I also have a strange love for all nighters and odd hours – but only on two occasions – when hiking a big peak or when doula-ing. In all seriousness, when I have clients in “the window” I tend to go to bed earlier, even at the same time as my kids, and despite the inevitable late night call, I probably get more sleep living life on-call.

What was your favorite thing that your doula did for YOU at your births?

I loved the practical support my doula provided for my husband and I. Making sure I was nourished, helping my husband with the birth pool set up, being there for the kids. Just knowing she was there should I need the extra support was beneficial for me, and my husband finds the teamwork, comfort, and confidence of having a doula present invaluable.

What was your favorite moment at your own births?

In my third birth, asking for ice cream in very active labor, eating a single bite, and suddenly it was time to push.

How tall are you?


What did you want to be when you grew up when you were 12?

I wanted to be an “explorer.” I wanted to find and forge new routes up big mountains and get paid to hike and climb. I was obsessed, still am, with National Geographic.

Favorite food?


Favorite shoes?

Flip flops of course. Or maybe my hiking boots. No, maybe it’s my Toms. I’m not sure I could pick just one!

Natural hair color?


Number one tip for aspiring doulas?

Understand this, when a person feels listened to, valued, and respected, their feelings surrounding their birth experience will be positively impacted.  

What do you most want doulas to get from your training?

I am passionate about doulas learning the importance of relational support and finding that wonderful balance of not only supporting the birthing parent, but both parents as a couple.