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getting to know doula trainer hailie wolfe

Getting to Know Doula Trainer Hailie Wolfe

We have been busy growing at Birth Boot Camp and we are loving on our amazing new trainers. One of these is our Abilene, TX sweetheart, Hailie Wolfe. She is a woman of many talents. She is a mom of FIVE, she makes the incredible graphics for our social media, she is a super busy doula and childbirth educator, and we are thrilled to have her as a doula trainer as well.

When you meet this sweet lady, her Southern charm just bubbles out of her. You’ll want to have another baby just to hang out with her a little longer.

We want you to love our doula trainers as much as we do, so here is a fun and informal, “get to know you” interview with Hailie Wolfe, doula trainer.


-Why did you become a doula?

My first truly empowering birth experience did not happen until I had my fourth baby. My husband and I decided to hire a doula because my previous birth was traumatic and was followed by a tough recovery and postpartum depression. My doula helped me have a much better experience, which I credit for a very smooth postpartum period.

A year later we moved to Abilene, TX where we had our fifth baby. During that time I became a certified childbirth educator through Birth Boot Camp. In the process of my pregnancy and educator certification, I realized how under-served the area was. I wanted to join the few doulas we had in helping Abilene women understand their options and feel supported.

People often ask me if I do this work for the babies, “You must love babies!” And yes, I do enjoy babies – I have five of my own. But, my greatest passion is mothers. I love being able to love on moms as they grow their families.

-Tell us about your favorite “moment” of all time as a birth doula.

The most memorable one was when my repeat client’s midwife (who was also my own) was unfortunately going to miss the birth because she was set to be away receiving cancer treatment. A backup was arranged and the mother labored beautifully – she was actually my very first client ever, so we share a pretty close bond.

Just as baby was about to start crowning, we heard a knock on the door. The attendants all looked around at one another like, “Uh oh, who in the world could this be?” In walked my client’s midwife. My midwife. To our surprise, she somehow made it back just in time for the catch. It was the most unexpected surprise. It was also the last time I would ever get to see her on this side of Heaven. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, and my eyes are never dry when I tell the story.

getting to know doula trainer hailie wolfe

Photo Credit: Copper & Pearl

-What is the strangest thing you have ever seen as a doula?

I don’t know about the strangest, but the coolest was this awesome true knot in a baby’s umbilical cord. The owner of this bad boy just turned a year old. (photo shared with permission)

getting to know doula trainer hailie wolfe

-Do you ever sleep?!

YES! Once in a very blue moon I will have a client with a crazy long birth, but honestly those are pretty rare, and generally have weird circumstances. The vast majority of my doula clients take Birth Boot Camp childbirth classes, so they are prepared for just about anything – including long early labors.

getting to know doula trainer hailie wolfe

Class Reunion – Fall 2016

They know how to cope well, and have a really good understanding of the importance of rest during labor. They tend to sleep at night, and then call me first thing in the morning when things are ready to roll!

-What is the thing you do most often at births?

Encourage. Validate. Encourage some more. Sure, there are lots of hands on tricks, and I use those at every birth. But, contraction after contraction, most moms need the encouragement.


-What was your favorite thing that your doula did for YOU at your births?

When I got to transition, I needed to be told it was transition. It was a light bulb moment to pull me out of the trenches. That, and hip squeezes. I love me some hip squeezes.

-What was your favorite moment at your own births?

We knew the sex of all of our babies before delivery, except the last one; we waited to find out. I was convinced we were having another boy. My first baby was a girl, but she was followed by three boys, so I just knew I’d have another boy. The girl came first to keep them all in line. She came breech, and while that was pretty exciting, learning that she was a girl was thrilling.

getting to know doula trainer hailie wolfe

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-How tall are you?

5’4. So is my husband. We make tiny babies.

-How many children do you have?

Five – it’s a madhouse around here, but it’s wonderful. Here’s a Halloween picture of us. We always dress up in a theme. My kids hate it because I don’t let them pick their own costumes. It’s like they think Halloween is for children or something.

getting to know doula trainer hailie wolfe

-What did you want to be when you grew up when you were 12?

When I was 12, I wanted to be a comedian. I still try to live the dream once in a while by making funny memes.

getting to know doula trainer hailie wolfe

-Favorite food?

I love food. I love holiday food like turkey and dressing. But, my favorite kind of food is probably mexican food. Tacos and enchiladas make my soul happy.

-Favorite shoes?

getting to know doula trainer hailie wolfe

I bought these at Target for myself for Christmas. I love them. My teenager says that if I were in high school I would get made fun of because they aren’t name brand. My mom friends aren’t judgmental jerks, so I’m very thankful I can wear these without worrying about the fashion police arresting me.

-Favorite drink?

Coffee – with creamer. I like the creamer the most. I think I started drinking coffee because the Gilmore Girls made it look cool, but I had to find a way to make it taste good.

-Natural hair color?

Dark brown, but I’m a bottle blonde as of a year ago. Funny story, I tried to go blonde at home, by myself a little over a year ago. It was funny.


-What do you most want doulas to get from your training?

I want them to feel the same way I want my clients to feel. Confident! With confidence, you can accomplish anything. You can network with care providers, do client interviews, and helps couples have amazing birth experiences. I want them to have a little fun, too. Birth Boot Camp is a great place to be, and I’m excited to share the joy! See you at training!

You can check out Hailie’s (and all of our doula trainings) right here! Birth Boot Camp brings doula trainings to you!

You can learn more about Hailie here!