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Getting to know doula trainer Alexa Gumm

Getting To Know Doula Trainer, Alexa Gumm

We are so excited to introduce our newest Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainer, Alexa Gumm! Alexa was actually the inspiration behind our name and has been with us from the inception of Birth Boot Camp.

She has spread the Birth Boot Camp love all over the country and touched countless lives. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her stepping into this new role as a Birth Boot Camp DOULA trainer.

When you meet Alexa, you will know why we, and her doula clients and trainees love her so much. She has an instant presence. She calms you. She really listens. She is, perhaps, one of the most naturally gifted doulas we have ever met. 

Alexa has been a vital part of Birth Boot Camp from before we launched and this new role just seems like a natural progression for all of us.

We want you to love her as much as we do- so here’s a mini interview with our beloved Alexa.

-Why did you become a doula?

It hit me one day that I would love to be one.

-Tell us about your favorite “moment” of all time as a birth doula.

When a client was threatened with a cesarean for no reason but convenience, and she ended up pushing her baby out about 20 mins later.  

-What is the strangest thing you have ever seen as a doula?

No comment.

-Do you ever sleep?!

Surprisingly, yes!

-What is the thing you do most often at births?

Speak softly and smile

-What was your favorite thing that your doula did for YOU at your births?

Made me feel safe and peaceful.

-What was your favorite moment at your own births?

When they came OUT!

-How tall are you?


-How many children do you have?


-What did you want to be when you grew up when you were 12?

A mom

-Favorite food?


-Favorite shoes?


-Favorite drink?

Water, I’m boring:)

-Natural hair color?

Brunette at birth, redhead by choice:)

-Number one tip for aspiring doulas?

Don’t want it more than mom

-What do you most want doulas to get from your training?

Knowledge, confidence and a clear understanding of what a doula is and is not.