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Grab your tissues and prepare for a happy cry because these are some of our favorite birth videos…with doulas! Doulas aren’t there to be filmed or “be” the show- they are there to support the star- the birthing woman. For this reason, sometimes it is hard to even spot the doula!

These birth videos show birth as it should be- supported and surrounded in love.


Our favorite birth videos…with doulas!

The birth of Palmer June is a gorgeous home birth with a surprise gender baby- so very sweet and some adorable older siblings nearby.

There is nothing quite like watching little ones meet a sibling for the first time.


The birth of Charlotte Grace features a doula and lots of siblings at birth! You don’t see that very often. Beautiful family-centered birth. (Learn how to prepare your own children for the birth of their sibling here.)

The birth of Elias Lee features a quick hospital birth delivery. And what a hospital- they even have a nice big tub for mom to labor in! So amazing.

And the dad…

No words.

Then going home to meet (little) big brother. Well, I hope you grabbed your tissues earlier.


The birth of Ramone Presley is a home water birth with a doula by mom’s side, a sweet strawberry feeding husband, and an atmosphere of peace. Oh, and did we notice a Birth Boot Camp cup in there?!

The birth of Juniper is a hospital birth, and you can see the doula supporting mom as she pushes. Unobtrusive yet providing everything that the mother needs- that is the sacred work of the doula.

The birth of Oliver Grayson is a surprise gender waterbirth in a birth center. You can see her doula, right in her ear, telling her just what she needs to hear when things get tough.

The birth of Taylor Sue is a special one- a surprise breech home water birth. The mom, Hailie, makes it all look easy. She says, “I had a labor that went from 0-60 in nothing flat. In the moment, I was startled and tense, which led to me being unable to confidently manage my labor. As SOON as my doula arrived, she immediately put me at peace and had me floating through labor like a pro. I love her!”

That’s pretty much why we love doulas! They just make birth better.

The next few births are from the same mom. She has a total of five children! Andrea had the same doula for several of her babies, and loves her though she births quickly. She says, “ She was my doula for my last three births. My husband has said many times how she is worth her weight in gold and we would never have a baby without her. I can’t imagine birthing without her. Even though I birth pretty quickly and she’s not there for every long she holds space beautifully. She is the silent whatever I need her to be.”

The birth of Emilia is more of a montage of the siblings meeting the baby. Baby came so fast, only daddy was there to catch! Emilia is this family’s third baby. As you watch these videos, one of the best things is being able to watch the family grow in people and in love. You can see the love the mom shows for them, the love the father shows for her and each child, and the outpouring of love among the children.

It’s a beautiful thing-

The birth of Pierce Andrew:

The birth of Royce Arlen is a unique home waterbirth- outdoors!

Oh, and this amazing dad catches! Love it.

Let’s just end this montage of doula assisted birth videos with that sweet family.

Doulas at birth- it’s an amazing thing for everyone involved.

A special thanks to Ceci Jane who helped us find all these amazing birth videos. She is the videographer for Birth Boot Camp. Also, we are so grateful for all the families who share their videos with the world, our incredible instructors and doulas who shared these special moments, and the talented videographers. You all help the world see how fantastic birth can be.

Thank you!