Doula Training Process

Step-by-Step DOULA Training

Birth Boot Camp is laid out differently than any other certification available. When you come to the training workshop, you will be almost done with your training, as it is the last step. We want everyone coming to the workshop on the same page by having completed the study modules three days before the workshop begins. This makes the workshop run much smoother. Allow plenty of time for you to complete your coursework before attending the workshop.

TO BECOME CERTIFIED: Birth Boot Camp DOULA offers a unique and all-inclusive doula training for those seeking to be professional and respected in their community as they serve couples and are able to maintain a business that also helps them serve their own family. Our doula training is simply the best out there! Once participants have registered for the DOULA training program, they will complete the program requirements, and attend the workshop before becoming certified.


Step-by-Step Process to Becoming a Certified Birth Boot Camp DOULA.


The registration form will take approximately 10 minutes. When choosing which workshop you would like to attend, keep in mind that the reading and paperwork is to be completed before your workshop.


Pay your fees for your chosen workshop.

In-Person Early Bird Price – Pay $695 ($245 certification fee and $450 training fee) All fees due 3 months prior to the workshop.

In-Person Regular Price – Pay $795 ($275 certification fee and $520 training fee) All fees due 30 days prior to the workshop.

Remote Early Bird Price – Pay $895 ($345 certification fee and $450 training fee) All fees due 3 months prior to the workshop.

Remote Regular Price – Pay $995 ($375 certification fee and $520 training fee) All fees due 30 days prior to the workshop.

There are two payments that will need to be made. 1) The Certification Fee is paid to Birth Boot Camp to begin the program. 2) The Training Fee is paid to the DOULA Trainer who will be conducting the workshop you choose to attend.

Once your Certification Fee is received via Paypal, you will be contacted by your DOULA Trainer. You will be given limited access to the doula website and will receive your Pre-Certification Modules. This will make reading much easier when you know what you are looking for. You will be put on a closed Pre-Certification Facebook group with other trainees. Here you will be able to communicate with other women on the same path to becoming a doula. Roommates for the workshop can be found here, as well.

Complete Coursework

Once you received access to the study modules, you can begin working on it. Everyone is required to have all the books read and their modules completed three business days before their scheduled workshop. This allows your trainer the time to read through the material before the workshop begins and gives you time to rest up! There are many books to be read, and you will spend several hours typing your answers. We know it is a lot of work, but our doulas have been able to hit the ground running after their workshop because they truly know their stuff.


Your modules, etc. are due three business days before your workshop begins. This allows us time to review your work. All work must be completed in order to attend the workshop.*

In addition to your paperwork being due, any remaining balance must also be paid 30 days before your workshop begins. If you need to postpone your workshop, a $250 administrative fee will be due at the time of change, in order to reserve your spot in a future workshop.

Attend all sessions of the workshop.


Within two weeks after the workshop, trainees will receive their certificate, full access to the doula website, be added to the online directory, etc.

* Exceptions made in attending the two births before the workshop. We understand this may be out of your control and the due date may fall after your designated workshop. Please communicate with your trainer. While this requirement does need to be completed, there is flexibility with the dates.

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