At Birth Boot Camp Doula we have a threefold mission:

SHARE with the world the positive difference that a doula can make in a birth. Doulas are truly amazing and have been credited with many positive side effects, including lower cesarean section rates when they are present as well as higher satisfaction with the birth experience on the part of the women they serve during childbirth.

CONNECT couples with a doula for them. We strive to help couples find a professional and competent doula who can help them achieve the birth they desire. We recognize how helpful a doula can be to both mom and her partner and we help couples find a doula that supports them.

TRAIN doulas who can make a positive difference. Birth Boot Camp offers a unique, and all inclusive doula training for those seeking to be professional and respected in their community while running a business that also helps them serve their own family. Our doula training is simply incredible and the price is inclusive!

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What makes Birth Boot Camp different from other certifications?

The Birth Boot Camp Doula Program trains doulas to support expectant families in their best birth and to build a professional and satisfying business doing what they love. Birth Boot Camp Doulas are especially trained in supporting natural birth, but also receive training specific to supporting both medicated and cesarean births.

When you train with Birth Boot Camp, you receive everything you need to support families in childbirth and run a sustainable and successful doula business. Your workshop fee includes all of your training. There are no additional fees, no extra nickels and dimes!

A few things that really set Birth Boot Camp apart from other certification programs:

  • View the modern and comprehensive Birth Boot Camp course online! No need to track down a childbirth class! **Workbooks not available for purchase by doula trainees.
  • Receive breastfeeding training from respected IBCLC, Mellanie Sheppard, through The Ultimate MRE video course and an online Lactation Intensive for Birth Professionals.
  • A focus on professional doula work and building a business that is both sustainable and professionally satisfying. You will learn how to turn your passion and skills into a profession.
  • All trainees come to the 3-day workshop after completing their reading, study modules, and paperwork. This puts everyone on the same page, ready to learn hands-on skills and how to run a successful practice.
  • Learn about effective and therapeutic communication with clients, healthcare providers and staff.
  • Be mentored by successful and inspirational doulas!
  • You will be confident not only in your skills as a Birth Boot Camp Doula, but in interviewing and conducting birth plan and postpartum appointments.
  • Become part of the global Birth Boot Camp Community. The most supportive, affirmative, and positive place online and in person!
  • Your clients will receive a beautiful, professionally printed booklet full of information about pregnancy, labor, birth. and the postpartum period.
  • Training includes information about supporting women postpartum and being on the first line of defense for postpartum mood disorders.
  • Your business and promotional materials are affordable on our online store.
  • Company Retreat for all Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Educators and Doulas held every three years.

Spend some time on the Birth Boot Camp website, there is something for everyone here! Learn about doulas, find your own doula, or become a doula. We would be happy to help you wherever your journey takes you! Join us!

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