Birth Boot Camp Doulas FAQ

Why should I certify with Birth Boot Camp? What is unique about this program/organization?

When you train with Birth Boot Camp, you don’t need to seek out other sources to complete your training.

  • Your fee includes your comprehensive childbirth education and your 5.5 hours of lactation training through our online courses.
  • Once you are certified, you will be using our Supporting Arms book with your clients. No copies or folders as a Birth Boot Camp Doula! You’ll have access to beautiful, professional materials.
  • No “certification births” are required.
  • The support and mentoring through the Birth Boot Camp community is unmatched. We work hard to maintain a community of love and support – and fun.
  • You’ll have access to our Birth Boot Camp photography for use in your social media and website.
  • We have a beautiful online store where you will be able to purchase your materials for yourself and your clients.
  • Opportunities to write for the Birth Boot Camp blog, including spotlights, recipes, birth stories, and “birthy” topics. (Links back help your SEO.)
  • You’ll be listed on your national directory with your bio; head shot; links to your social media, email, website, and phone; along with your doula services and availability.

Due to Covid-19, what should I do about the required birth observations?

Covid-19 has made it difficult for trainees to attend their required birth observations. We are being very lenient about this requirement. We still want you to reach out to those in your community to try and find births to attend. Keep in contact with your trainer and let her know how things are going with this requirement. If needed, we can grant an extension so that you can complete this after attending the training workshop. Be sure to contact us with any further questions at [email protected]

Why is the pre-certification work done before the workshop?

Everyone having completed their modules before the workshop puts everyone on the same page at the workshop, allowing you to get the most out of your training. If the workshop is at the front end of training, inevitably, the workshop feels more like a childbirth class. Our goal at the workshop is to teach you how to be an amazing doula.

How long does it take to complete the modules?

You know yourself better than anyone. Consider the following: do you have small children, do you have a job outside the home, are you a fast/slow reader, are you already a birth professional? There are many books to be read, and you will spend several hours typing your module answers. Most people need several months to complete the required work before the workshop, but if you have read several of the books previously, are a birth professional, or don’t have many distractions in your life, you may be able to get through the requirements faster. We know it is a lot of work, but our doulas have been able to hit the ground running because they truly know their stuff.

Can I make payments for my training?

Yes! Our fees are already broken up into two separate payments.

1) Pay your Certification Fee to Birth Boot Camp.

2) Pay your Training Fee to your Doula Trainer. You may communicate with your specific trainer about payment plans she may offer.

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

Laptop/iPad for note taking, 2 bed pillows, comfortable clothing, a jacket or sweater, your own snacks and beverages. Talk to your trainer about specifics she may ask you to bring.

Can I bring my baby/children to the workshop?

We encourage long-term breastfeeding and want nursing mothers to be included. Training, however, is intensive and requires long hours and a quiet room, so that all who have invested their time and money can hear and participate. Training also requires that all be able to participate in relaxation and various other floor exercises. If you are nursing a baby or child you must have someone with you who can bring your baby to you and take them out of the training room when they are done feeding. This enables both the nursing mother and others in attendance to maximize their workshop experience.

What if I can’t attend the workshop I am registered for?

If a registered applicant desires to change their original specified training date, a $250 fee will be applied. This fee must be paid in order to reserve the applicant’s spot in the newly chosen workshop. Trainees are allowed to reschedule their training once. The remote training is also available. Ask your trainer or certification coordinator for details.

When is my re-certification due? How much will I owe?

Re-certification is due each year at the end of March.

The re-certification fee is $75. If you are also a Birth Boot Camp Instructor, the doula re-certification fee is $50.

Is there ongoing support and training for doulas?

Yes! Ongoing, daily support can be found on the Birth Boot Camp Doulas Facebook Group. Our wonderful doulas have formed an amazing support system there. Headquarters and members of the Advisory Board are available by email or the groups, at any time. We are thankful for our doulas and do all that we can to help and support them!

In addition, Birth Boot Camp hosts a company-wide retreat every three years with the purpose of providing new information and helping Birth Boot Camp doulas and instructors stay motivated and excited about their birth business. Fees are kept to a minimum. You will not regret making an effort to be at every single Birth Boot Camp Retreat.