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doula in Haslet, TX

Doula in Haslet, TX

We are excited to introduce you to Peggy today. Peggy got into doula work after becoming a grandmother! We love hearing the stories behind the incredible doulas at Birth Boot Camp.

Welcome, Peggy!

What first got you interested in doula work, Peggy?

My daughter had a doula at her birth and I saw firsthand how her doula helped her get through each contraction throughout her labor. She was amazing support for my daughter. I was so inspired by the experience that I decided to become a doula.

doula in Haslet, TX

Being able to encourage and support women through their most memorable journey of their life is so rewarding.

Do you have any particular passions concerning birth, if so, why?

Single teen moms, because my daughter was a teen mom and it was a very emotional time for her.

With so many doula trainings out there, why did you choose Birth Boot Camp DOULA training?

My daughter and I attended Birth Boot Camp class while she was pregnant and it was a very in depth and informative class. It prepared her for a her labour and she was confident that she could have her baby naturally.

Tell us about your training experience and your favorite parts.

It was filled with a lot of information that prepares you to step into your field. Our trainers were great! My favorite part was when we practiced the comfort techniques and went through birthing scenarios.

doula in haslet,. TX

How did your training prepare you for actual birth attendance?

I feel pretty confident!

To close, how do you believe doulas can make a positive difference in the birth experience for women?

Doulas help women to realize that they are strong enough to birth their baby. Which helps the women feel empowered and confident throughout her labour.

Are you looking for a doula in Haslet, TX? You can contact Peggy:

Via phone- 361 557-0921
Via e-mail- [email protected]
Or find her on Facebook at: My Graceful Journey Doula services