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Sophia Maddox

Sophia Maddox

Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, and greater DFW, Texas
About Me
Hi, I'm Sophia! I'm a birth and sibling doula serving greater DFW out of Arlington, TX. I discovered my love for birth work after witnessing a mother nurturing and feeding her babies. After crying uncontrollably all the way home, I realized there was only one thing I could do with my life: facilitate the joyous essence of family. My favorite part of birth is watching young children kiss their mamas through a contraction, or birthing women be comforted by their partners, or the moment after birth when mothers fall in love with their newborns, becoming a whole family in a moment.

When I'm not doing birth-y things, I love being outside, singing and playing music, and having deep chats and hearty laughs with friends. I would love to support you and your family with generous love, personalized care, and informed consideration throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.
Doula Services Offered
Birth Doula
- PRENATAL care, including virtual birth plan consultation, exercise and nutrition, information resources, and more
- LABOR support, including comfort measures, rebozo, emotional support, partner care, and more
- POSTPARTUM care, including breastfeeding and sleeping tips, light housework help, processing your birth, belly-binding, and more

Sibling Doula
- PRENATAL visit, including familiarizing ourselves, simple birth education, and more
- LABOR support, including on-call specialized childcare, distracting from or involving in birth space as needed, sibling integration once baby is born, and more

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Doula Availability
August - December 2020 due dates
2021 due dates

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