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Megan Woyak

Megan Woyak

, Virginia
About Me
I have a heart for new moms! I have struggled with fertility, had two amazing births, one miscarriage, successful and challenging breastfeeding, struggles with post-partum depression, and first-hand knowledge of how hard it can be to live far from family when you're pregnant and a new mom. I took Birth Boot Camp's Comprehensive Class when I was pregnant with my first child. I had an amazing and empowering birth and I discovered my passion for helping other moms achieve amazing births too! My hope is to educate women during pregnancy, encourage them during birth, and stand by them during the ups and downs of early parenting.
My Class Schedule
Comprehensive classes starting in Virginia in November 2019!
Doula Services Offered
Labor support for moms in central Virginia starting in October 2019!

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