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Mallory Chase

Mallory Chase

Rapid City, South Dakota
About Me
My name is Mallory, I was born and raised in Rapid City, SD. I have been with my fiance Kevin since 2011 and we have an amazing son born in 2016 and a sweet baby girl born December 2018. I have had a passion for pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding since a very young age. My passion for birth really came into view after attending a birth for a close friend for the first time. After my son was born I knew I needed to spread the word that with preparation anyone can have an amazing birth. In July 2018 I completed my Doula training with Birth Boot Camp and am excited to be offering doula support to expecting families in the Black Hills and surrounding areas!

What people are saying about Mallory:

“My husband & I absolutely loved working with Mallory! We were planning a natural birth and initially didn’t think we were going to go with a doula, but I am so glad that we did. Mallory was so supportive throughout the whole process, and was available all hours of the night. The night I went into labor and didn’t sleep all night, I don’t believe she did either as she was texting me through it until I felt I needed her at the hospital.
She brought many comfort items and was very in tune with what I needed or what I didn’t need, and when you can’t talk, that’s a very important quality to have (husband’s sometimes just don’t have that ??)
I recommend Mallory to everyone. She not only is a great doula, she’s a great friend, and a great person.”

-Katie A.

“Mallory was our doula. She is perfect for this type of work. She is compassionate about the whole birthing process and her clients. Having an additional hand was awesome. Our natural birth was beautiful and is something I will always remember. I highly recommend a doula, and Mallory was fantastic!”

-Colby A.

“I just have to say that Mallory REALLY helped me through my labor!!! She was pretty much on call at anytime. I ended up going into labor at 3 am, as soon as I was in active labor which was when I went in she was there! She made the room so peaceful and calming with soft music and candles (battery operated). I had bad back labor and she had everything to help ease my discomfort. I highly recommend Mallory. She also took tons of active labor pictures and after my son was born and put them all on a hard drive. The pictures turned out amazing, she captured memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you so much for the support!! You’re the best.“

-Samantha S.
Doula Services Offered
$600.00 + sales tax

This investment includes:

·Free consultation to meet the doula.
1-2 birth plan visits
·“Supporting Arms” a beautiful booklet to help you prepare for YOUR birth
·24/7 On call support starting at 38 weeks of pregnancy.
·Support during the full duration of active labor and delivery.
·Immediate postpartum support to help establish breastfeeding.
·1-2 postpartum visits and phone support up to 6 weeks after birth
Doula Availability
Accepting clients due: March-December 2019
Contact me today to reserve your spot!

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