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Melissa Mayer

Melissa Mayer

Tampa, Florida
About Me
Becoming a mother transformed me. Never before had I felt so complete and fulfilled. My own journey to motherhood opened a new world which quickly became an all encompassing passion. During my pregnancy I read books, took classes, watched documentaries and surrounded myself with all things related to pregnancy and childbirth. Towards the end of my pregnancy the birth plan that I had spent so much time compiling took an unexpected turn when I had to transfer care from the birth center to a hospital birth due to medical issues. However, that experience brought me to my doula (who also taught my childbirth classes) who helped me navigate through the emotional ups and downs of the last trimester of pregnancy. By the time my son was born, I was well equipped to welcome him into the world with the support of an amazing birth team including my husband, doula, my mom and sister. With their support I was able to have the natural birth I desired.

After Peter’s birth I knew that I my journey was not complete. My doula had been so instrumental in my birth, I decided I wanted to help other families have the same experience. That fall I enrolled in my doula training and received my certification through CAPPA. The following year I trained to become a certified childbirth educator with Birth Boot Camp and currently teach classes in the Lutz/NorthDale area of Tampa. I have had the pleasure of helping families to welcome their new babies at hospitals, birth centers and in their own home. Each birth has been unique and beautiful. I recently welcomed my second son, Joseph, into our family at home.

I am thankful for the opportunity to educate and encourage both moms and dads through this transformative time . Being a part of the lives of others while they experience the miracle of bringing life into the world is an honor. I am looking forward to growing my own family in the future and continuing to help other women have amazing births!

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