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Mary Hawkins

Mary Hawkins

Kenosha, Wisconsin
About Me
Hello! I'm Mary, and I teach classes in both southeastern Wisconsin (the greater Kenosha area) as well as northeastern Illinois (North Shore all the way up to Waukegan and beyond). Not sure if you're in my area? Just contact me.

I learned about Birth Boot Camp the same way many of my clients do--I was shopping around for a class to attend before the birth of my first son after getting a list from my medical provider. I had some recommendations, and I had started emailing instructors. Not everyone might get to work with an amazing independent birth center the way I did, but if you are on this page you CAN get the valuable education I got that enabled me to have a birth for which I am grateful, happy, and proud.

Taking Birth Boot Camp classes empowered me with information, tools, and practices that allowed me to face birth with calm and confidence--without ever saying that there was one "right" way to birth.

I had so much to learn! I had never witnessed a pregnancy up close, let alone a birth, before my own. I needed medicine, pregnancy, labor, birth, practitioners, interventions, nutrition all to be demystified.

I want to give you the educational experience that I had so you, too, can face your birth with confidence.
My Class Schedule
Birth Boot Camp 10-week sessions beginning...
~July 8, 2016 summer session
(good for late Sept-Nov due dates)
~September 16, 2016 fall session
(good for Dec-Feb due dates)
Fridays, 6:30pm-9:00pm
Contact me to secure your spot!

Early Pregnancy Class:
Are you trying to conceive and want to start strong? In your first or early second trimester and desire guidance to have your best possible birth? This class is for you! Contact me to schedule.

Reboot Refresher:
Did you already have a natural birth? Pregnant again and want to remind yourself and your partner of all the great stuff you learned to prepare last time? I can help--contact me to schedule this wonderful private class at your home or in my teaching space.

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