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Lindsay Cardella

Lindsay Cardella

Littleton, Colorado
About Me
I started as a birth worker in 2016. It started with my passion for education and Birth Boot Camp classes and then I added birth doula and later found my sweet spot as postpartum doula. Although I offer full spectrum support, my primary focus is postpartum support with an emphasis on nutrition, breastfeeding, new family education, and sibling adjustment.

I received my Bachelor's of Science from Birmingham-Southern College and co-authored three international multicultural cookbooks. I am passionate about supporting families surrounding birth and postpartum also known as, "the 4th trimester." My own growth into motherhood brings a real perspective and understanding of what what moms and families need during that time period. Our American culture focuses on the birth of baby, but then often leaves families figuring out all the rest after baby comes. This is where I come in: I love nourishing families, educating them and helping mom and partners take time for self-care. This looks different for every family and my role is to offer non-judgmental support and meet families where they are. I LOVE my work and believe every family I support is a gift. It is truly an honor to support families during this important transition, whether it is the 1st, 2nd or 10th addition to the family. Every couple has created harmony and as their family grows so does their musical sound. It might take time for a family to find their beat and rhythm but that is what the 4th trimester is for. Listen to each other's rhythms and find your new harmonic sound as a family.

I have recently returned to the Houston area with my two wonderful, precocious daughters (5 years and 3 years old) who keep me on my toes daily.

It would be an honor to share time and space on your journey into parenthood! It is wild, crazy and beautiful! Welcome to the club!
My Class Schedule
Please contact me directly for classes at 504.250.0282 or checkout my website at
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