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Kat Chronis

Kat Chronis

Port Washington - Ozaukee, Washington, Sheboygan, & Milwaukee Counties, Wisconsin
About Me
Hello! My name is Kat Chronis and I am excited to teach expectant couples all of the tools they need to have an amazing birth, wherever they choose to birth! I teach an evidence-based comprehensive natural birth education series that helps prepare couples for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and more. Be prepared, informed, and active in your birth!


My passion to teach natural childbirth classes was sparked in March 2015 with the birth of Rayn. My love Aaron and I envisioned a beautiful water birth, with just the two of us and our midwife, at the local birthing center. That was all tossed aside when I became high risk with placental abruption. We had to transfer care to the hospital and Rayn was born sixty-seven hours after the start of induction. We were still able to have a pain med-free, vaginal birth, and credit that to being as prepared as possible for birth, with taking classes and researching heartily, so we could best advocate for ourselves and make informed decisions. I knew before I even left the hospital that I wanted to be a childbirth educator, and Birth Boot Camp drew me in with it's modern, evidence-based curriculum.


I am a lifelong lover of education and am taking graduate classes at Concordia University to earn a master' degree as a family nurse practitioner. Advocating and educating are two big reasons I became a nurse, and have experience in neurosurgery, intensive care, home hospice, and most recently, at a private integrative family practice. I have a BSN in nursing, BA in psychology, and am a few credits shy of a BS in biology.
I am also a lifelong lover of music and in March of 2015, the day before I went into labor, my honey and I started up a new endeavor with Lakeside Music & Naturals, an eclectic shop combining our loves of music and earth-friendly, body-friendly goods. Rayn has been the store "manager" since day three of life and can be seen toddling around jamming on his ukulele. Rayn is excited to become a big brother at the end of this year. I will be on maternity leave starting in December. Classes will resume in February 2019. :)


"Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life."
Ina May Gaskin
My Class Schedule
Birth Boot Camp Comprehensive: Complete Preparation for an Amazing Birth (10 sessions)
**Wednesdays, 6:30pm - 9pm (Port Washington)
March 6th - May 8th, 2019

Birth Boot Camp: Training for an Amazing Out-of-Hospital Birth (4 sessions)
**Tuesdays, 6:00pm - 8:30pm (Port Washington)
February 26th - March 19th, 2019
June 4th - June 25th, 2019

Birth Boot Camp: Training for an Amazing Hospital Birth (6 sessions)
**Tuesdays, 6pm - 8:30pm
April 2nd - May 7th, 2019

Food & Fitness: A Program for the Childbearing Year
**on demand

Homecoming: Life With a New Recruit
**on demand

Reboot Refresher Class
**on demand

Comfort Measures: Amazing Coping Strategies for Labor
**on demand

Siblings at Birth
**on demand

Classes held at:
Lakeside Music & Naturals (Port Washington)

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