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Julia West

Julia West

Grapevine, Texas
About Me
I believe the way we view birth and the way we are made to feel during labor have lasting effects on our lives and our identity as mothers. Birth matters! I want to help couples gain the knowledge they need to grow closer together from their birth experiences and to look back on those life-changing moments with confidence. The mainstream view of childbirth is skewed and education is more important now than ever. When a mother is respected, informed, involved and supported in the birth of her baby, the whole family benefits.

The natural births of my two children bonded my husband and me like nothing else- I wouldn't trade those day for anything! We focus on holistic health, purposeful parenting and sharing our faith.

Class provides a supportive place to ask questions, share experiences and form communities. I'd love to have you join!
My Class Schedule
10 week live class schedule for 2017:

April 20- June 22nd
Thursday nights at 7pm at Grapevine Birthing Center

June 20th- August 22nd
Tuesday nights at 7pm at Grapevine Birthing Center

*after this series, I will take a few weeks off for a maternity break*

If you have a question about your due date working with our class schedule, please contact me!

3 hour Refresher class available upon request

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