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Jillian Blakeman

Jillian Blakeman

BBC Dual Certified Instructor and Doula Trainer

Keller, N. Fort Worth, Texas
About Me
I made Biology everybody's favorite class; I look forward to making The Best Birth Class your favorite class.

I discovered my passion for education when, at thirteen, I started working as a math tutor. I continued to teach math, horseback riding lessons, and floral design until 2007 when I became a high school Biology, Physics and AP Biology teacher. I am confident that I could teach a dog to knit.

My son's outdoor homebirth sparked a desire to help other people experience natural childbirth. Though we had an exceptional birth, my husband and I could have done a better job preparing ourselves for this beautiful challenge. When I found Birth Boot Camp and its amazing curriculum I knew I had found just the tool to equip expecting couples.

When I'm not learning about all things birth, I enjoy travel, bike riding, goat watching, and Post-Impressionism art.
My Class Schedule
Full Series on Thursdays, 7 - 9:30 pm
August 3 - October 5
October 12 - December 14

Refreshers on Sunday, 3-6 pm
July 30
Aug 27
Sept 24
Oct 29

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