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Ely Harris

Ely Harris

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
About Me
Ely is a wife, homemaker and birth doula in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With a degree in Biology, she is genuinely scientific minded and loves researching the evidence-based information especially when it merges with her passion for pregnancy and childbirth. When not at a birth, she is growing herbs and reading about nutrition and healthy cooking. Ely is full of natural wellness tips for helping the body to function to its full potential and regularly incorporates these into her practice through herbs, essential oils, and more.

It is Ely's aspiration to help you discover the kind of birth you want and then doing what she can to make that a reality. Ely is the knowledgeable guide and gentle encourager you want to take on your birth journey. She believes that a woman be provided the support to have the birth where she feels heard, respected, and nurtured throughout.

She will contribute a strong trust and non-judgmental support to you as she joins your birth team.
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