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Donna Ryan

Donna Ryan

Rapid City, South Dakota
About Me
Since 2003, I have helped hundreds of couples have amazing births through childbirth education. Personally, I have birthed 4 children with 3 different types of care providers and birth settings. One epidural birth, and 3 unmedicated births, with a water birth thrown in for good measure! I believe natural birth can happen anywhere as long as both partners are prepared.

I founded Birth Boot Camp in 2012 in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, but life has brought us to the Black Hills and we love it! While I still travel to Texas every few months for work, I am so happy to call this small-town life "home." Did I mention how happy I am that skiing is just 45 minutes away?
My Class Schedule
I am teaching a 4-week HOMEBIRTH class Friday, Sept 7, ending Sept 28. This class is specifically designed for those birthing outside the hospital. We’ll go over the process of birth, variations of labor, comfort measures/positions, relaxation, and much more. My goal for you is an amazing birth where both partners feel prepared and excited. Workbook included. $200 (plus tax).

I teach at my home out Nemo Road, near Johnson Siding. Make it a date night!

* If you are in the Black Hills area (or just passing through) and are interested in becoming a Birth Boot Camp Instructor or Birth Boot Camp DOULA, let's get together!

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