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Daelyn Kingston

Daelyn Kingston

Salt Lake City and Surrounding Areas, Utah
(702) 510-6648
About Me
Good day! My name is Daelyn Kingston and I am thrilled to be Birth Boot Camp Doula! I am the mother of 10 beautiful children. Three of those children were a sweet addition when I married their father. Seven additional children have entered our family since that time. I have had the privilege of having hospital births and home births with my own children. I have also been very blessed to attend several cesarean births and births of multiples. Each of these experiences remind me of why I chose to enter the birth community. Birth is a magical, spiritual and empowering experience. It is my hope to help others achieve the birth that they have hoped for. Birth is an amazing journey, one which I love being a part of.
Doula Services Offered
I am pleased to have received my doula training from Birth Boot Camp.
I am glad to be able to serve families in the Salt Lake City area and surrounding areas as well. I am willing to travel about 1.5 hr in any direction.
I am comfortable and experienced with home and hospital births. I have also attended numerous cesarean births and been blessed to attend the birth of multiples.
I am VBAC trained and would be thrilled for the opportunity to be part of your VBAC journey!
Doula Availability
I am currently accepting clients.
Availability varies based on client needs.
I would love to speak with you concerning your needs and what we can achieve together!

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