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Candiauce Klein

Candiauce Klein

Abilene, Texas
About Me
Candiauce is a devoted wife and mother of 6 precious children. She has an ever growing passion for all things birth & childhood. Her own experiences in childbirth triggered a strong aspiration for all women to have an AMAZING birth and to be cared for during their most precious journey in life. 
Doula Services Offered
Candiauce is a certified Birth Boot Camp Doula & continues her studies in pregnancy, birth, & postpartum care. She is experienced in natural, medicated, & cesarean births. With her own personal experiences and continued education, she also specializes in adoption & bereavement births. However and wherever you plan to birth, Candiauce would make an extraordinary asset to YOUR birth team! 
Doula Availability
Now accepting clients through summer 2019!

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