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Britta Hough

Britta Hough

BBC Dual Certified Instructor and Doula Trainer

Eugene & Springfield, Oregon
About Me
Hello, I'm Britta. I am the first to bring Birth Boot Camp to Eugene and Springfield families. My husband Connor and I welcomed our first child in 2016, Layla Vivian, born at home. Before becoming pregnant I was attending the University of Oregon for my Masters of Education. I have wanted to be a teacher for my entire life. After delving into the birthing and Birth Boot Camp world, I found the perfect niche combination for my desire to teach and my desire to help other families have amazing births. As a result, I have transferred my focus and passion into teaching Birth Boot Camp.

I am happy to be providing thorough, evidence-based education to birthing women and their families. My classes are suitable for a wide array of family makeups, including single mothers and their support teams and gestational surrogates and surrogacy parents. All of my classes are LGBTQ+ friendly and I am careful to use preferred pronouns. Arrangements will be made for the Deaf/deaf/hard of hearing as necessary. I am personally committed to providing an inclusive environment for each student.

Feel free to call, email, or text me with any questions. I look forward to meeting you and your family and adding myself to your support network. Congratulations on your upcoming birth--let's make it amazing!

My Class Schedule
Coming soon: Fall 2017!

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