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Alecia Cumberworth

Alecia Cumberworth

BBC Dual Certified Instructor and Doula Trainer

Dallas, Texas
About Me
Hi, I'm Alecia Cumberworth and I teach natural childbirth classes in Dallas, TX. I have had many different birth experiences, ranging from an intervention filled hospital birth with my first baby, to a natural birth attended by midwives at a birthing center, and then homebirths with a midwife. In these births I utilized many different positions, had the loving support of my husband, and the help of a friend as my doula. I have nearly 10 years of breastfeeding experience. One thing I am passionate about is teaching and enabling couples to have a natural birth, and empowering them to parent in the best way for their family. Every woman, and every labor, is different. Birth Boot Camp classes don't just teach a method. It teaches couples all the information they may need to pull from to decide what works best for them, throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and into those special early months with your newest addition. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm so excited to be able to share it with you!
My Class Schedule
Comfort Measures workshop
Sunday, May 13th from 2:30 - 5:30pm

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