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How to Create the Perfect Doula Uniform

By August 11, 2016June 25th, 2020No Comments

How to Create the Perfect Doula Uniform

Welcome to the fabulous world of doula-ing! Now, for your outfit!

Doulas serve a unique role in birth providing emotional, physical and relational support for birthing women. Their clothes need to be comfortable and professional without getting them mistaken for medical personnel.

For new doulas, figuring out the perfect doula attire is a commonly discussed issue. Here are our favorite tips from some of our favorite doulas!


Shoes might be the most important part of the doula ensemble. Doulas work hard, they get physical, and they can work shifts lasting longer than 12 hours– because they are there for your whole birth!


Things to look for in your doula shoes:

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Washable


Some of our doula’s favorite shoes include:

  • Your favorite sneaker that is comfortable, washable and lasting
  • Clogs- some favorite brands include Klogs USA Mules, Sanitas clogs, and even Crocs


The perfect doula shirt is comfortable, breathable, long enough that you can bend and move without finding yourself feeling embarrassed.


Some of our favorites:

  • Tunics
  • Danskin quick dry shirts
  • Tees with your own personal or certifying body’s branding- this can help with positive recognition of your business in your local birth places
  • Zip hoodies or some kind of layering tops are a necessity in cold hospitals


Great doula pants should be comfortable, breathable, and allow you to move. Different things work for different people but some of our favorites include:


  • Your favorite skinny jean with some stretch (Old Navy Rockstars are highly recommended by our doula Andrea.)
  • Scrub pants- scrubs have lots of pockets which is super helpful, but many doulas don’t want to be mistaken for the nurse, so choose colors that won’t look like staff.
  • Nice yoga pants

Whether you’re a brand new doula or have years of experience under your belt, at a birth, you need good clothes!

Some other doula uniform/clothing tips:

  • Pack extra clothes in case you get bodily fluids on you.
  • Don’t forget extra underwear in case of monthly surprises. It happens.
  • Layer, layer, layer.
  • Don’t forget your own self care items in your doula bag! You can’t serve your clients if you are starving.

Happy doula-ing!


We so appreciate the awesome doulas who contributed their favorite doula uniform ideas for this post. Check them out!

Andrea Brannock- doula and childbirth educator in Glen Rose, TX

Heather Whitcomb- doula in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Cameo Sherman- doula in Bowie and Annapolis, MD

Hailie Wolfe- doula and childbirth educator in Abilene, TX

Erica- Michael Bullard- doula in Abilene, TX